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A Special Day

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As a special treat for Evie, we let her outside in our small, securely enclosed, kitty-proof backyard. She LOVES it! We don't do it often, but with the fosters, I want to make sure she knows she is still the one I belong to.

At first, she is always a little scared:

But she quickly gets over it!

Hmm, I wonder if there's any fish in this pond?

Sorry, Evie, EBMUD has strict water rations and that pond is dry!

Here, mom, show them my poly paws!

I reign majestically over my territory!
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She's gorgeous
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What a cutie!! look at those paws! lol
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What a beautiful girl!
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She is such a cutie I wish I could let me Lucas outside, but I can't.
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Evie is beautiful! I bet she had some good dreams later about exploring in the jungle
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What a pretty girl! Looks like you made her day!
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