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Does my cat know my wife is pregnant.

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I have been observing my cat around my wife who is six months pregnant. The cat wants to sleep with her head on my wifes stomach every chance she gets. When around me she likes to cuddle up against my leg but with my wife her head goes right to the stomach.

Does anyone have any informations about cats and pregnant women. I am curious if Dune can tell if my wife is pregnant or not.
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Wow, pretty interesting! Unfortunately I have no idea about cats and pregnant women . Although I wouldn't be suprised if Dune does know that your wife is pregnant. Cats are very intelligent and from my experiences, always know when I'm going through a change emotionally and even physically.

It could be possible that Dune can hear the baby's heartbeat and it's like a soothing sound for her. Either way I'm sure Dune knows that there is something going on with your wife.

Welcome to the TCS by the way, and congratulations on the pregnancy! I wish you, your wife, the baby, and Dune the best of luck!
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Hi Strydder - I was reading something on my pregnancy website recently, and it seems that cats are intuitively drawn to women who are pregnant. Of my 3 cats, one wants to constantly be lying on my stomach (very uncomfortable at nearly 5 months pregnant), and one of the others will always lie up against my stomach when I'm in bed.

Loads and loads of women report changes in their cats behaviour to the effect that their cat(s) want to be near to them all the time.
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Also, cats' noses are much more sensitive than ours, so she may have sensed a hormonal change in your wife.
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I agree with everyone else in here...Cats do tend to notice a change in hormones when women are pregnant...
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I noticed something during my best friend's sister's pregnancy. Young children and the family dogs would intuitively go surround her. (There weren't any cats around but I'm sure they would have scammed a cuddle too.) But after trawling through several pregnancy magazines and books I found an interesting article.

During pregnancy, we all know hormones are produced. But it seems that pheromones are also emitted. I'm not talking about the sexual attraction ones, but the maternal ones. Not really too sure about it myself but it does explain some behaviour I suppose.
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I feel that some cats if not all, can tell something have changed.
When I was pregnant, and this cat I used to have named DC (RIP). Would always come and sleep on my stomach after I was pregnant, but he would never do this before.
And totally cute little story here...

He would sigh while on my stomach all the time. And to this date!! Ever since Chantal was born, when she sigh's, it sounds EXACTLY like DC's sigh!!
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Hi Stryyder!

Here is an interesting website:


Someone posed this question:

We have four cats and my wife has just become pregnant. Are there any concerns we should have regarding the cats?

The answers are found in the above website.

Take care of yourselves, and Dune!!

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