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Sneezing Cat

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We have a Fourteen year old cat who sneezes all the time, nose is runny. We took her to the vet and they did tests on her, and they prescribed medicine for her and we gave it to her and she stopped sneezing, we gave the complete course and all was well. One month after, her symptons came back. We gave her another run of medicine and the same thing happened. Has anyone any advice on what to do the vet does not seem to know.
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Well, if it is an upper respitory infection you may want to ask about zithromax. It is a great fairly new RX for upper respitory prolems. If this does not help, you may be dealing with an allergin in the house. Cats can develop an allery to something even after years of being fine. It could be the food,air, bedding or perfumes. Is the mucus clear? Are there any other signs of infection?
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I rescued a 10 year old Ragdoll and from the day I got her she has been sneezing and congested. I have brought her to the vet many times and they have assured me there is nothing wrong with her and that it is allergies. Now I can't say for sure that is wrong with your cat but you might want to ask the vet if it is a possibility. Good Luck and I hope it all works out

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My daughter's cat started sneezing like crazy over the weekend. It's now Wednesday and she's still going at it like crazy throughout the day. She looks miserable and has sneezing fits . This morning my daughter petted her and her head felt like there were rice krispies under her fur. You could even hear it crackle. Has anyone ever heard of this? It is bizarre. Any comments would be appreciated. haven't had a chance to call the vet yet...
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Okay, the feel of rice crispies does not sound good. I would think it may be an allergy and her skin is reacting. The sound is what is bothering me. I would definatly contact the vet. Please, let me know what they say.
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Re: daughter's sneezing cat w/crackly head ,
I spoke w/the vet's office and they said that it could be caused by a puncture wound, which let air in between the skin and muscle (weird, huh). At any rate, she does have a scratch or two on her nose, so she must have gotten in a fight and gotten the short end of the stick. They tell me it will get better. That still doesn't explain the sneezing however. They said it's probably an upper respiratory infection and she will need antibiotics. Thanks for the response!
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