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Toliet Training Cats

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I got an email today about toliet training cats. Does this work? Is it a good idea to do this? Or does the 'change' from the litterbox to the comode affect the cat mentally?
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Hi, it's a process, takes weeks, and depends to some extent on your cat. Some take to it quickly and stick with it, others have trouble and don't want to learn, and others 'get' it, but then revert or become sporadic about it, so it's really up to you to decide if you want to try. Obviously a younger and/or smarter cat will learn faster, but other than those, try it and see how it goes.
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I have one that will use the toilet sometimes, but I don't know which one it is. Pearl likes to use the tub,which I guess could be worse.
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IMO its a 50/50 chance you will succeed. I tried it a long time ago with my first cat - was only partially successful. Never tried it with any other cats.

Friends of mine who own 2 Ocicats were only half successful. The cats did it for awhile, but only if you were there to watch them - otherwise they would not go. So they gave up and went back to the litter box.

My biggest concern is if you have to board the cats or you go somewhere (like a hotel) and the cat doesn't want to use the toilet (the boarding place will not allow it). IMO its just easier to stick with a litter box.
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After reading these replies, I Think the litter box is best
Thanx to all of you.
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My 3 were all trained using the Litter Kwitter, they were easy to train and haven't had any accidents since.

If I put a litter tray down they all still use it, they don't forget. I always put a tray down on the mornings we go to shows to make sure they 'go' before we leave.

They use the toilet up at my mums place when we visit, but I still take a tray when we go up there just in case.

Took about 3 months to train all 3 cats at once. They were 6, 9 and 12 months when I started.
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I suggested we train our cats to use the toilet but my husband said he didn't want to stagger into the bathroom in the middle of the night and find a cat sitting in there
So they still use the litter box
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