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"The Vet Said"

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The vet said that my kitten didn't know how to eat. But what does that mean? Was he taken from mom too soon? is he going to be ok? they are keeping him at the vet for a few days to hand feed, and have try to eat on his own. but i still don't understand how a kitten "doesn't know how to eat"

Can anyone explain that better in more detail?
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i would think he means that the kitten was taken to soon, and Momma didnt have a chance to show him how to eat solid food.

When my batch of kittens was about 4 weeks old, i puree'ed some water soaked kitten dry food with some kitten wet, till it made a thick soup. then i warmed it to a tad warmer then room temp, and put it in a shallow bowl in the room with the kittens. i would bring them to the dish, put a little of the mix on their lips, and let them lick it up. they got the idea after a bit Good Luck with the little one
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