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Lily's pregnancy picture

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Hi everyone! I thought I would share a picture of my Lily who is due in 24 days. She looks huge to me, and I know she will get larger in the coming weeks as the kittens grow in her belly. I've been nicknaming her White Elephant LOL. Check out those boobies!

My camera's batteries failed again, so I put new ones in and the date shows 1999..this was taken 15 minutes ago. The second picture shows the accurate date, June 5th, yesterday. She waddles everywhere, but still is able to jump onto my pub height kitchen table and my computer desk. I don't imagine that will last for long LOL

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Wow---- she is BIG! She looks like she's gonna pop already. Keep updating as the weeks go by. It will be interesting to see how much BIGGER she gets before delivery.
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Whew, thank goodness someone else thinks she is rather large! I am predicting 7 kittens just from her size. She started getting this big a couple weeks ago already, and I said to my husband that she is gonna have a large litter.

I have everything needed for D-day, and I have warned my hubby that I won't be sleeping with him for a while as I'll be in the spare room with her and the little ones. I like to make sure they are all eating and being taken care of and that she's not laying on them.

I have had several mommas before, but it has been 10 years since I last birthed kittens..and there were 7 of them that time. I was busy LOL. I can't wait, I'm so excited. We have homes for a few of them already, and they're not even born yet LOL
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Yeah she does look huge! ha
My cat is at 59 days and she's gonna have them any day and she's barely that size ha.
Your kitty is soo pretty too!
Good luck!
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Oooh! She's so pretty!

She does look big, having 24 days to go. Keep us updated!
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AW she looks like my Izzy!
She is huge though!
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My teenage son just commented on her this afternoon saying "wow mom, she's huge!" then gave her lots of lovins. Lily's appetite is just as big as she is, too. She will eat anything in sight, including getting a potato chip out of the bowl herself and taking it to a secure location and devouring it!! I have her on kitten food, both hard and soft and she's devouring it. She is normally a very light eater, so seeing her constantly and the food is another true sign.

We always talk to her and ask her if she's got buns in the oven LOL and we're just thrilled that she will be a mom. She will get fixed after this litter, which is her first. She is quite motherly lately to the other cats in the house, bathing etc. I'm so excited, baby kitties are just so precious and a gift to have around.
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I had to laugh today, and I mean hard and loud LOL. Lily was trying to clean her bottom and we were down here on our computers this morning. I look over and she's trying, but she rolled backwards! She did this three times in a row!!! She is too big now to clean herself, it's gonna be a long 3 weeks till she delivers as I will be cleaning her bottom for her...which I'm sure she will HATE. I don't know how much bigger she will tolerate being. I also don't know if a cat is that big, what is the probability that she will deliver early because of her size? She's not due till the 30th of June.

I feel sorry for her really, but I have no control over the kitens' sizes. I know soon she will really pork out because that's when they do their most growing. Like I said earlier in the postings, I think she's gonna have 7.
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my cat also rolled backwards when cleaning herself one night. I was laughing sooooo hard! she could NOT do it so finally went and leaned her back against my hubbies legs (who was sleeping) and used him to hold her upright while she cleaned. hahaaa!!!!!!!!! funny thing was she never got really big but then again only had ONE kitten. LOL
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Well, the way she's been trying is sitting on one hind leg sorta and trying to support herself with a front leg and going down low to clean. Now when she does this, she just rolls backwards like we would likely if we were in the same position LOL. It is so funny. I am so concerned now with moving and such 2 days before her due date that she will be so stressed out and hold them in. Hopefully I can make her comfortable there or maybe she'll deliver a few days early here at this house. Ahhhhhh, it's so stressful LOL
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Don't bet on a big litter, especially if it's her first. I took in one stray that was pregnant. She ended up being a walking football! She made ME hurt just looking at her. I would lie down beside her and see them move. It looked like WWF in there. Poor Sassy was so uncomfortable for the last few weeks. I thought she was going to pop, so set up a birthing box in the bathroom. One week passed, another this point, she looked like she was going to pop...literally! Finally, one morning I woke up and staggered into the bathroom and there was Sassy and 2 HUGE kittens. I was expecting 5-6 but only 2.
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Thanks for that info calico. I know that anything is possible and all I'm hoping for is healthy babies and that she does well. I will be with her throughout the delivery process helping her and showing her what she's to do with them. I haven't felt them move yet...i think that's a week away yet. she's still got 20 days to go plus or minus depending on how things are in there LOL. I am gonna start trying to feel movement next weekend. My husband thinks she's got milk in her boobies, but I don't feel that.

Anyway thanks for chiming in I appreciate feedback
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Well I pray you have better luck than I did. My rescued kitty Natty just lost a litter of 1 huge kitten, she was as big as a full-term, 6-7 kitten mama. But instead she had a c-section to remove 1, 6 inch long, dead male tabby. So when you think she's in labor and that it might have been going on too long, don't hesitate to take her to the vet! I could have saved mine... I wish you the best of luck and VERY healthy babies!
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Yes, smileforonlyou, I am so sorry for your loss. At least though, that your Natty is ok and she is now fixed.

Lily is due in 13 days now, and she is huge! I felt a baby move some skinny parts LOL the other day, but she won't let me do much more than put my hand lightly on the side of her.

I had a cat once when I was 19 and she went into labour and didn't delilver one kitten in the 12 hours she had contractions (all throughout the night), so we took her to the vet (it was a Sunday!!) and they did a c-section and delivered 3 of whom was already gone...deformed and not fully developed, it was stuck. The other 2 were delivered and only one survived. He lasted 16 years

I've been paying very close attention to Lily to feel movement, check her nipples, ensure extra nutrition and to make sure she's doing ok. I've been helping her clean her bum because she can't reach it LOL.

I am a regular at the vets, since I have 5 cats. They also have an emergency number. I am however, moving to a small town 2 days BEFORE she delivers, but they have an animal hospital there that I have used for boarding in the past.

The last litter I delivered there were 7 kittens, all happy and healthy. I cut cords and removed sacs and couldn't keep up LOL

Lily has a new room at our new place, so privacy will be wonderful.
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Aw that's all wonderful!!
I can't wait to see baby pictures, I bet they will be gorgeous! What color is the father? (if you know?)
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The father is Bob, a black smoke devon rex. The kittens will be siamese as his genes are recessive. Although, you just never know what they will look like. Her parents were seal point and lilac point, and she came out just never know what genes are in the pool to pick from LOL
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Pretty! I used to have a seal point full blood, Siamese female and she breed with a tabby once and had 2 black kittens and a tabby! We were very surprised! But the next time we breed her to a red point Siamese and she came out with a gorgeous mix of seal/lilac point babies!(7)
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