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Question of the Day - June 6th

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In honor of my middle son graduating from high school last night.

What were your plans for high school graduation night?
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Well, I was home schooled. There were two other home school kids that graduated around the same time as I did so they had a small ceremony for us. I was working at the animal shelter at the time so as soon as I got home from graduation I went to the shelter and spent my evening there.
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I don't remember I know my family went out to dinner at Olive Garden after the ceremony, but I have no idea what I did after that I probably went out with my boyfriend.

Congrats to your son!!
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congratulations to your Son Eva!...

of course I participate in the ceremony of graduation, next we went at the church to listen Mass, and at the final the Party!...
if I remember well that day I went to go sleep early....I think 1:30 am because something was wrong with my stomach!.....

But was great!...
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We had our grad at a gorgeous hotel in Quebec...and then we all spent the night at my good friends parents house. I got to sleep beside a guy I had a cruch on
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When all my friends and class mates were at the graduation ceremony / party, I was in school!

That's because I was in Japan as a foreign exchange student! I technically graduated the January before everyone else and then left for Japan, and they weren't going to do a special ceremony for me. And with the difference in time, when they were doing their things in the afternoon, I was in school!

But, my friends and family did a special party for me in January, so that was nice! It was a "surprise" party, at my house, with a bunch of my friends. Then later, my parents took me out to dinner to Black Angus.

Congratulations to your son!!
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I don't remember much about my high school graduation night. I remember that some family and my friend Susan came over to my parents' house afterward. I'm sure that my mom must have made spaghetti - she always makes it on my special days as it is my favorite. Two days after my high school graduation I had to go in for knee surgery. I think that kind of overshadowed any graduation celebration plans. I remember that shortly after I graduated from college with my BA I got dumped. Haha! Lovely, right?! Oh well, the guy was a jerk and a little under a year later I met the love of my life and the man that I would marry, so good riddance!
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I don't think I did much after the graduation ceremony. I don't really remember but I probably just did something with the family.
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All of my friends and family and I went to one of my favorite resturants and had a big dinner there. It was nice
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Don't think we did anything special after graduation except maybe went to dinner.

I remember college graduation. I went to a reception with faculty and others who ran some undergrad organization (I was the editor of a publication for frosh and transfers) which was great! Then we drove from Ithaca to Yulan, NY and had dinner at the restaurant where my cousin was the chef. I has soft-shelled crabs for the first and last time.

After grad school, my DH, then boyfriend, took my Mom and brother to dinner at the RenCen in Detroit. Mom decided that he was going to be her SIL that night.
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High school-hmmmm..........
Well that was waayyyyyy back in 1975!!! All I can think of is no specific parties but back then the drinking age was 18 and well after all its Wisconsin so we (sis and I) had friends that opened a back door of a popular nightspot and we "snuck" in and danced all night-I remember John Denver song-"Thank god Im a country boy" being played alot by DJ.
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After doing the walk and getting my diploma, the school had a 'grad night' at a community center. It was pretty cool, with henna tattoo people, raffle gifts, food, a palm reader etc. But then some of my friends and I wanted to leave early and they insisted on calling all our parents at 1am to get permission. My mom was not happy! we were almost or already 18 and drivers, but I guess that was the responsible thing to do.

Glad high school is way over!
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We didn`t have graduation at my school and I`d kind of stopped going anyway
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I don't even remember, it's been so long! We probably went out for dinner, but I couldn't tell you where.
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To get drunk with my friends. I was a wild thing way back then. I am not endorsing or recommending this, btw.
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I didn't really have anything planned. DH and I had been dating a few months then, and he came up right after work to watch me graduate. He got a better seat than my family Then we went home, took some pictures, got a few graduation gifts (even some from people in his family whom I'd only met days earlier at his brother's graduation!) then went to Longhorn for dinner. He spent the weekend, and then I believe I went down to SC to spend time with him.

My brother is graduating next Thursday ... I feel old.
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I can't was 31 years ago.
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i can't remember LOL!
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