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Cindy sweetie - I'm SO glad you guys finally talked. Making up is the best, huh?

Seriously, with all the other things going on in your life at the moment, you need some kind of stability.

I'm so please for you.
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cindy - i am so glad you two talked! and glad he opened up to you. it's good to know he gets scared, too isn't it? i hope that makes it easier for you to approach him in the future.

my prayer for him is that his company will recognize his value to them and reward him for it generously.

all the best to you and bill.
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I am so happy for the two of you! Hang on to that man!And remember keep the line' open! Best of luck! God bless!
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Cindy - you just brought tears to my eyes! I am so happy everything got sorted out! This really shows how important communication is to a relationship!
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Thank goodness!!!! I am so happy to hear that this story has a wonderful ending.

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Making up was fun and that queen-sized bed sure beats the couch! Besides, I think that Opie was put out, by my sleeping on HIS couch!
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Cindy, can I say YAY?!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Ooops! I totally forgot you two aren't married . I guess I just always felt like that because you've made the same commitment. It's a legal technicality that I don't care about one way or the other. And as for the amount of time.... I didn't have a clue how long you've been together, and I obviously misunderstood one of your posts. I thought you meant your defenses had been down for 12 years, which, to me meant you'd been with Bill that long. BUT NONE OF THIS MATTERS. You made up and that is soooooooo great.


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Cindy, I am SO happy for you!!! I kinda had a feeling it was miscommunication - he didn't know why you weren't sleeping with him, you didn't know why he didn't want you to sleep with him. Regardless, I'm so happy you finally talked about it and worked things out. You two seem so wonderful together, and so supportive of each other in everything.
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Thank Goodness! I'm glad things are going better for you, Cindy, and that you decided to write the letter! Enjoy the making up! You're right, it can definitely be fun!

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Whew... disaster averted. Now the kitties will still have both parents, YAY! I'm so happy to hear this!!!
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I am sooo glad for you!
It is so terrible having a heartache over someone you love. I hope your love will last forever!
Sesselja (Turning into an adult when I hit return!)
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Cindy - I've been following this post, but didn't have any constructive advice to give that wasn't already given. I'm so happy that you and Bill worked things out though. Yay!!!
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Glad to see that things are worked out. Communication is SO key to keeping a relationship working.
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I am SOOOOOOOOOO happy to hear that things are going better with you and Bill!!!!! Sounds like everything is really looking up!!!!! I am so glad!!!!! It is good to know that someone I care about is having some sunshine in their life.
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WTG chick! You keep that man in your life informed and encircled in your love!
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