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Daily Thread TGIF June 6th!

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Good Morning, Good Mooooooooooorning! Its time to rise and shine!!

12 hours to Josh time

Its going to be sunny and 30 degrees today...muggy and hot. And the whole weekend is supposed to be like that!!

I am up early this morning to meet my coworkers at Cora's for breakfast. no idea why my boss wants us to get up an hour earlier just to have breakfast..but its free breakfast so I can't complain.

Have a great day all!
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Its going to get much warmer and humid today and tomorrow too. And really windy -in the past 5 minutes the winds have picked up and the part sun went to cloudy.

So work may not be an option outdoors today. Still haven't done that press release for hosta society I better do so today!!

Otherwise not quite sure what I will be doing-reading/going through some old magazines to put in recycling. Asked Neil to pick up something for dinner tonite though.
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Morning All!!!

Raining here this morning. Hopefully it will clear up later today.

Heading off to work shortly, have several meetings today so that will keep me busy.

Grocery shopping afterwards then just home..

The kitties don't like the rain so they all went back to bed, lucky kitties..

Everyone have a good day
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Morning! Today here is HOT! HOT! HOT! Nothing planned for today except someone's coming to fix the ice maker, the kitchen sink and our leaky toilet. (Yes, all three things)!
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I am not doing much today. I am off work so I am just sitting around home.
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had to clean and do laundry the highlights of my day
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Warm and windy here today. I got in from Laredo at about 10 a.m. I stopped past the shelter to say goodbye to the kitties for a week, since we're leaving for Sweden tomorrow morning and will be gone most of a week. While I was there, a family came in looking for a kitten or two, and they adopted two that I really liked.

I need to get packed. I hate packing.
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