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Scary Weather

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The wind is blowing so hard it snapped a branch off a tree which crashed/blew into me when I ran outside.

I caught all the tame farm kitties & they're in the garage. The rest I left the shop door cracked open for, propped open with bricks.

Margo, out in the shed, brought her into the garage in a crate, better shelter & not out under a bunch of trees(shed is located on the edge of the grove, under several giant trees).

The wind is blowing 40+MPH. We're in the following watches:
Flash Flood watch
Tornado watch
high wind warning

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you gotta love spring,
glad you got all the kitties in.

now stay inside, dont want you to blow away
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Sending your way!!!

We have some scary weather here tonight we are under a tornado warning...severe thunderstorm warning with hail the size of golf balls...I hope everything goes well and that you guys are safe tonight!
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I woke up to thunderstorms this morning, but I love those. I don't like the windy dangerous, stuff blowing/breaking weather though! I hope nothing gets too damaged at your house!
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We had similar weather here. At one point I actually stuffed the cats in their carriers because the sky was looking rather green and there was very strong straight line winds from the west.
No power for around 6 and a half hours, and the internet connection just now started working.
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we've had wind advisories here for the past 3 days.

last night [maybe the night before?] i opened the back door to feed the ferals - & there were 4 little kittens [probably around 6-8 weels old] between the back door & the screen door [the screening is torn].

these aren't the little torties that i've been seeing - these are completely new kittens.

they ran off, tho i haven't seen them since...

the tortie kittens have been staying in the doghouse to be out of the weather.
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Stay safe. I guess it's just that time of year. There was a horrific storm south of here Monday night, with flash flooding. Most of the houses in one town were damaged or destroyed, and people drowned in their cars/houses.
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We are getting your weather starting today. Gusts here are predicted up tp 46MPH. Right now sustained 16 mph and gusts only 24 mph. I was thinking of calling the client I wanted to weed at today and postpone until perhaps this afternoon. Grizzlie is outside but probably very close to the house and I just let Bobs inside. I just hope the stakes for my temporary greenhouse hold-but its not out in the open so it should be ok.
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Here in Nebraska we have had a lot of weather warnings for a couple weeks with tornados. Today we get a break and it's going to be beautiful. The weather is supposed to start getting bad again on Sun and continue in to most of next week. So far the hail and tornados have missed my little town and hit to the east and west of us.
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Ive got your weather too, white cat lover!! We've had storms straight for a few days, wind advisorys, tornado warnings (which I knew we wouldn't get because its been so cold) And thunderstorm warnings! The hail was what done me in, Im getting ready for a garage sale and couldn't bring my van in the garage! Thank godd the hail missed my van!
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Praying everyone is alright. We just had three days straight with 40+ mph winds here. No tornados just high wind.
Check in when you can and let us know if everything is ok.
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Holy! Stay safe everyone!
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wow crazy! stay safe everyone and their families
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Blew a few trees down in the road & dad was gone until around noon today, so I had to start the blasted tractor, chain the trees to it & haul them outta the road. Then called a friend to come cut the branches hanging out of the trees before they fell too.

All the cats were eager to go out this morning, and it looks like Tabitha & Slinky slept in dad's truck in the shop judging from the color of the cat hair on his seats.

Dad said, though, where he was in IA there was a tornado 5 miles away from him. There were floods in 1993 & the waters are already above that flood level.
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Stay safe guys, let us know when everything improves!
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A lot of counties around me have been getting hit. There was a Tornado warning in one of them not to long ago. Elkhart han't gotten anything serious....yet.
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