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Best Vaccuum for Kitty Hair?

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I've got a big problem on my hands right now. I think I just burnt up my Mom's vaccuum! I was cleaning the litter boxes and was sucking up all the loose litter on the floor...and all of a sudden this horrible burning smell came out of the vaccuum! I tipped it upside down to see if anything was caught inside, but it looked ok except for some clumps of cat hair. Now it doesn't want to suck up much off the floor...so I think I've killed it!

Well, it looks like I'll be buying my Mom a new vaccuum cleaner! Does anyone know which kinds are the best for kitty hair? Mom wants one that is bagless, but I've heard from my coworkers that it doesn't work good with cat hair and that it just gets stuck inside.
Any suggestions?
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Dont fight it...live with it! Just kidding, I dont know about vacuumes too much. I all ways thought cat hair was a condiment!
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We use a shop-vac (bagless) that we got at Home Depot. It works fine, but we only have carpet in one room here. I believe it was less than 50 bucks, too!
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My Eureka does a good job and we have a Shop-Vac, too. For the furniture, I use a Dirt Devil hand vac. It sucks up everything!
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I have a Hoover bagless and love it! And a hand dirt devil,and love it!
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I go through about a vacuum a year, so far the best I have found for kitty hair on ulpholstery is a small one, its a Dirt Devil Powerflex, it works great on tile floors and the sofas and stuff like that, but not on carpet. We took out the carpet in our house except for the bedrooms and have tile everywhere else, because we have so many animals and it was impossible to keep carpet clean and the little dirt devil works the best for the tile floors and sofa. Its bagless and small so it is very convenient since I have to vacuum every day.
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