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I'm never going to find a job

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I had an interview yesterday for a part time package sorter. I have experience working in a warehouse and driving a forklift. I felt the interview went well and the guy said the hiring manager would call in like two weeks to set up a third interview. I just checked my email and there was one from them saying "thank you for your interest in this position but at this time we will not be pursuing you as an applicant." That really pees me off. Basically that guy lied right to my face when he said I'd be contacted for a third interview. He didn't say maybe or we have other applicants to consider. He specifically said I'd be called in two weeks. OMG I'm so mad.
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you will find a job, sometimes it takes a long time.
Been looking for 2 years to find something worth moving for.

Dont give there is always lots of up and downs when job hunting
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I can not find a Job either. I really need one right now.
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I'm sorry you're having trouble.
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I'm also trying to find a new job. I work retail & basically get treated like poo (not surprising for retail). I keep getting shot down.

Reminds me of the movie Accepted, which I had never seen before until 2 days ago.
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Don't know exactly what kind of job everyones looking for, but Safeway (all grocery stores) are allllways hiring, so if you really need a job, try there. Good luck!

Speaking of movies...I love "office Space", it's the movie to watch if you hate your job, or be glad you don't have a job like that.
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Oh yeah, I`ve had that before. 'Head office have decided we're not taking anyone on now.' Hello? Why advertise?! I`m sure a lot of it is they just don`t want to tell people to their face that they aren`t gonna get the job

I hope you find something soon. Job hunting vibes for everyone looking...
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I tried safeway but they never called me.
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Hang in there - the right job will come along! I called myself a professional job searcher for a year after 9-11. I was laid off from a company of over 90K people when they decided to cut 1/2 their workforce after 9-11. It was a horrible time to look for a job - I got up each morning and networked, and called and searched job boards, had many interviews, then one day I got a call from a headhunter about a job position.

I've now been with this company for over five years, I can't imagine leaving it, I have a great team that I work with, flex hours and a manager that doesn't micro-manage. OK - he has his moments, that we each call "being on the radar", but he's easy to get along with for the most part.

My boyfriend was recently laid off, and he just found work after 2 months. Register with as many temp agencies as you can. I've found permanent work on three occassions with a temp agency.

Good luck!
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finding a job sucks but good luck I hope you find something worth the wait
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Looking for work is the hardest work there is. And the stupid part is that it's always easiest to find a job when you have a job, even if they're not related.
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Wow, you must be so frustrated!

Sending vibes that you find something soon
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That you find the perfect (if there is such a thing!) job soon.

Don't know if this will help or if it applies, but I always like to try to think positive... There is a chance that he didn't lie to you. That he really was impressed and thought for sure they would call you, but someone out ranking him changed the plans. I would know- I've been in the interviewer's position and told an interviewee "for sure", but then my boss changed my mind...

So, if that could be posible, 1, you weren't lied to, and 2, you did a great interview and for sure will do great next time, too!
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Originally Posted by Meowers View Post

Speaking of movies...I love "office Space", it's the movie to watch if you hate your job, or be glad you don't have a job like that.
I swear, my mom's job treats her like Milton sometimes. She'll come in and find out someone else has her position and she gets moved somewhere else. They actually had her in a position, then demoted her after 6 months because someone with a CPA was hired. I told her she needs to go to her boss and be like "I believe you have my stapler..."

Good luck finding a job! It took me 7 months to get one once I moved to SC. I was very picky though (only wanted M-F, normal day shift hours, etc). Is there a Wal-Mart nearby? I know they hire a lot of people. I applied multiple times to certain jobs, especially if I didn't hear back within a few weeks. That's how I got my first job in SC - the 2nd time I applied I got an interview. Then I applied to my current job 7 times over the course of a year and a half.

I don't know what I'd do if I lost my job ... it's what is gonna basically pay for our house!
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