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LOLcats haz chozen!

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Sorry about the lol-speak but I got an awesome email from Gotham Books who are collaborating with to make an LOLcats book and they wanted permission to use of of Tiger's photos! The book will be coming out this October. I've replied with a yes, of course, to let them use the original photo with my credit! Sooo excited! I'll definitely be looking out for the book in Oct.

Qwik! get mom nao!!!
itz crushin meeeee!!!

He's not getting crushed, he passed out under my chair during the Super Bowl halftime!

EDIT: Here's the original picture, don't know why the other one wouldn't work.
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All I see is a red x.
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That's so cool! (I can't see the pic though, just a red x)
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Can you share the pic with us? I don't even see the red x. I'll have to keep an eye out for the book.... I love the web-site and can we say secret santa?!
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Picture is back up! ^.^
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OMG! It's a headless kitty!
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lol thats funny realy funny
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That's awesome that they've asked to use your picture!
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lol cool. i love that site,
cant wait to see the book
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O Hai!! Dat Tiger he srsly haz de Fuzzinezzez!

(Congrats on the photo!! Can't wait to buy the book!!)

K thx bai!!!

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Oh wow! Your pic in a book? Coolio!
That site really makes me laugh. Can`t wait for the book!
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Very cool!

I absolutely love LOLCats!!
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Ohai! A LOLcats book you sez? Amazering! You has teh bestest photoz in teh storee!

(in other words, it is totally awesome that is making a book and even more awesome that they asked for permission to use one of your photos!!!)

kittehs luv lolcats nd cheezburgers!!!!!!!!!!!
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I got a similar e-mail about this one I made:

I sent him the original photo. It occurred to me it might be a scam, but I can't see what the point would be, so I said, "Go for it!"

By the way, that's Sterling in the solar rays.
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Well, my email from them came today for this one I made a long time ago ...

By the way, that's George when he was just a baby ... wasn't he ummmm, special? 8-)
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Yay for all of us! Congrats!

I don't think it's a scam. I looked up the guy's email and it's a legit email for that company.
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Congrats on book deal, never heard of thats tuff, but have to check it out now!

that's one furry headless cat!
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omg! LOL! what a fluffy sweetie pie! Bless
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The member who has Bengals will probably get several e-mails, since some of her photos were VERY popular!
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