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We have had an awful 24 hours. We had a 3yo tortie and white who had a couple of aggression issues when she first came, we weren't sure what kind of home to look for as she had snapped a couple of times for no reason, but then seemed to snap out of it after a month or so, so we thought she had accepted being in rescue (apparently she was pushed out of her house due to a new baby). We allowed her outdoor access two weeks ago, and she seemed even happier, being out all day and just in at night. yesterday she rubbed herself against the rescue lady's legs, so she fussed her, she gave her a love bite, and was told not too hard, and minutes later, turned nastily, the rescue lady has 7 puncture marks, and they only just missed the vein. We had a long chat last night trying to figure out a solution, but we couldnt put her on a farm to live a farm cat life cos she wanted to be in the house, and there was still that risk. So sadly, the decision was made to pts, and an appointment was made for tonight. I stayed with her till the end, and it was such a waste of a life, she was so young, and in good health. I dont know what her original owner had done to her, and sadly it wasn't them that had to deal with this. RIP little one, and I am so sorry this had to happen.
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Poor Mia.

I hate those ones, where they could've been a "normal" cat in the right always wonder what happened.

Play happily over the Rainbow Bridge Mia.
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oh no! poor Mia, I'm sorry you had to make this awful decision It was for the best I truly believe. RIP Mia, maybe all your anger disappear.
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was the cat sick?
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I'm so sorry this difficult decision had to be made, but it sounds like it was for the best. RIP Mia, knowing that you were loved.
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Thanks guys - it is the first time in 12 years we have had to make this decision. If she was a true feral, we could have found a placement for her, but she attacks with no warning growl, and generally after being fussed, so I suppose there could have been some kind of overstimulation going on, but as much as I considered rehabilitation, I dont think we could have homed her without worrying about if she would turn again. Vet did check her over while she was sedated, and couldnt find any health reason to cause it, she seemed healthy. I realise now why vets dont like to pts healthy cats, she really fought it, even after having a high dose of sedation. IT does make you wonder why her owner pushed her out, but if only he had contacted us rather than chucking her out, we could have had some background and warning.
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Rest in peace, Mia.
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Iยดm so sorry for Mรญa....
My condolences.....
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poor little one may she find a place to rid her of her anger and live a happy life over the bridge

Sorry for your loss you did the right thing by her since a lot of people in your situation might have done something worse like use physical scolding
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That is a tragic waste. Poor Mia. I guess the previous owner knew what she was like and was worried about her attacking the baby

Rest in Peace sweet girl
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Thanks guys, it is something I hated doing, but we couldnt put someone else at risk, she didn't even growl before she attacked, so no chance of moving to avoid an attack, like you could with a feral.
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That's so sad. Rest in peace Mia.
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How tragic. Maybe it was something neurological that you can't see right away. Or that would have taken thousands of dollars worth of tests to find out. There still would have been no cure most likely.
She can rest now. I am sorry you had to make such a horrible decision but you did the right thing.
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It was such a tragic waste, and we were in an awful position that our main problem was somewhere to keep her where she couldnt attack again, in case it was something that could have been treated, but she had bitten for no reason in the beginning, so there was obviously something in her little head that made her snap and it was either the way she was treated, or something to do with being abandoned, and to be honest, I did consider rehabilitation, but I dont think we would have ever been comfortable in rehoming her in case she did it again and it was worse next time.
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I am so sorry that you all had to make such a difficult decision. Mia is at peace, playing happily over RB, free from whatever demons tormented her.
My friends had a calico who suddenly had the same behavior. The vets couldn't find anything wrong with her. She even got me once. It is very dangerous for all involved.
I am proud of you for being with her to the end. My last horse and my precious Ger.Shep. mix both had trouble easing over to the other side and I know how troubling those kinds of memories are. Sending prayers and vibes for you Susan
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Thanks - I have had to be there at the end for 2 animals this year, and neither have been mine. I wont let mine go on their own, so there is no way anyone else is - I have nearly offered to stay for a strangers cat before now, as i felt awful that they had just left him. Neither have been an easy passing, I hope when it is one of mine (I have a CRF cat on limited time) that she at least goes easier than those two did.
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i have just seen this and wanted to send to you for having to make such a difficult decision. i feel sure you did the right thing as unpredictable aggression to that level is when we really see the 'big' cat in them.

at least mia is now safe and free from the demons that made her behave that way.

bless you for caring.

RIP precious girl.
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Thanks Tab, it wasn't a nice thing to have to do, and I suspect not many people go to the vets with an 18yo and a 3yo and come back with just the 18yo.
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She may have had a brain defect of some sort or wasn't raised right. It was so good of you to see that she didn't leave this world alone.
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That is just so sad And must have been such a hard decision to make.

RIP Mia.
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I'm so sorry for your loss.

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I'm so sorry. What an awful time your having


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Thanks - it hasn't been a good year, I also had to be there at the end 3 months ago with my mum's dog, as she couldnt do it, and i couldnt let her go on her own.
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