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I just seen the cutest kitty!

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Just a few minutes ago, I was coming up from the basement and for some odd reason I looked outside. There was the most precious and beautiful cat I've ever seen walking up to my door! I of course hurried outside to check this beautiful creature out. He was wearing a pink collar and it to my surprise had tags on it. No name, just a number and a phone # of the vet. He was so friendly and sweet...and loved being cuddled. At first I was kind of leary, so I just put my hand out in front of me and to my surprise he started to climb all of me! His coat was a thick, but short hair in a unique off white color. His tail was a tanish color and with white stripes....and his eyes were the brightest blue I'd ever seen. I checked him over to make sure he didn't have any wounds and also checked to see if he was neutered (which he was not).

After I played with him for a few minutes, I asked my Mom if she'd seen him before and she said that he's been in the neighborhood for quite a while now, but usually roams during the day. I grabbed my camera to get a picture, but of course my batteries we're dead! I just HAD to share a picture of him with everyone.

My dear Mother than gave me the speech "You already have 3 cats and you definitely don't need another one. Plus, you know that you can't save every cat from the outdoors Michelle..it's a lost cause.". I have to agree to a certain degree...I know I can't save every cat, but if everyone would do just a bit more than what they are doing, it would help tremendiously. The next time I see him, I'm writing down "his" number and calling the vet. I think that there should be some kind of rule that if you license your pet, you must spay or neuter them (inless they are breeders). Just my opinion though....

Anyway, I just had to share him with all of you and I'll try to get a picture of him next time.
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My fiance's dad's cat is allowed to go outside and roam as she pleases without any collar on, but they are on a rural street pretty much and the cat always comes home.

Now Ashley goes outside under our supervision or else she is tied out and we watch her...but cats like her scare me being out to roam on their own. That is a really good way to lose your cat let alone get them killed! But, maybe this cat got out unexpectedly....oh..wait..you said your mom had seen it before. People can be stupid with their pets sometimes, can't they?
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Keep your eye's open ,maybe you can find out who he belong to!And take him home!
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I think it is great, that you are planning on getting the phone # to call and check on this little kitty. He may not be lost, but if he is, just think how HAPPY the owners would be, to have him back again!
If he is a neighbor's cat, and you end up returning him ,maybe you could mention there are probably some roaming female kitties that may end up pregnant with litters, they will have to raise in the ditches or under a porch. And possibly, they could work something out with their vet to get him fixed. Does your community have any vets, or cat and kitten rescues that help spay or neuter cats for WAY reduced prices? They are a wonderful, wonderful thing in any town to know about(and have!!!)

Come and see our kitties we've rescued--or still need homes!

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My Mom said that some fairly new neighors down the street were walking in front of our house and 3 cats (one of them was this little guy...I've named him Snow) were following them. Mom is an outdoory kind of gal and was working in the yard at the time. She asked them if they were their cats and they agreed. They said that since they just had a newborn baby, they kicked their cats outside and are free to roam the neighborhood. That really saddens me...I've seen so many cats killed on our streets. I don't live on a really busy street, but busy enough. I do plan on calling the Vet and asking them about this kitty. I want to find out if they could neuter them at a low cost...but I doubt it. Unfortunately I live in a small community and we don't have any low cost Vet clinics around here.
Oh..Mom just told me that she seen a moving truck at those people houses the other day moving stuff out. She said that she hasn't seen anybody coming and going from this house since then. I'm worried that they just dumped those kitties....he's such a sweet and lovable little guy! Why wouldn't they take him with them? It just breaks my heart and I wish I could take him in...but there's no way I could. I wish they're was some kind of no kill shelter or rescue around here, but I've already looked and there isn't anything near us at all.

So, it looks like I'll wait it out and see if the kitty comes back around...and go from there.
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I found this picture on the internet and it looks so much like Snow! The only thing different is his face doesn't have the mask...it's just white like the rest of him.

From what I've gathered from the internet, this little guy must be a Birman mix....maybe with a Siamese?
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Oh! He is SO, SO pretty!!! I know that at my Vet's, he has a bulletin board and I often see pets up for adoption there. Maybe, if you can get this kitty's phone number (and you said you thought it may be the Vet's phone #) you could still call, and tell them this, and see if they wouldn't ask around for a good home for him. Or let you post a photo of him up there, and see if someone would take him home!

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That is a beautiful cat! I hope he makes his way back to his owners....you are so sweet to care so much about him and to try to find out who owns him. Keep us posted and show pics if you can!
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