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I fell down go boom!!

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I gave my daughter a bath last night and aparently she had to get out to go to the bathroom but she didn't take a towel or anything and just tracked water all over! So since the toilet is passed the shower I didn't even realize that she had tracked it up! I go in there about a half hour later and slip on the water fall directly on my right side, my toes got bent back, my knee has a swollen bruise my hip is bruised and my shoulder hurt like heck!!

I fall down go boom and gotta boo boo!!

I thought it would feel better today but it doesn't!! To make it worse everyone was there to see me gimp out of the bathroom!! For some reason I didn't really have to pee so bad after that!
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Cold packs everywhere will help you feel better! ICE!! And a throw rug in the bathroom!

I hope this helps!
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^ So she can trip on the rug, too? ...don't mind me, I have bad luck with small rugs like that.

Try moving your shoulder through it's full range of motion if it took quite a bit of your weight in the fall, same with your hip -if your butt didn't cushion you.

Keep an eye on the knee, and ice it of course. That would be what I'd be more concerned that you could have done some damage to (torn).

That you heal up quickly. And tell you daughter - no more booby trapping the bathroom for mom.
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I´m so sorry for the hit....
for the pain.......
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awwwwww hope you feel better that happends to me all the time >.< freakin people and their wet feet lol
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i keep telling people gravity is not your friend.
at least nothing got broken
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haha well when I was younger a fall like that wouldn't have bothered me, but today I feel it! My body hurts! Everywhere I landed is bruised and swollen! Im so unlucky, and I am clumsy which is why I didn't have a rug in there, I always trip on it! I dont think it would have been near as bad if she would have had a towel, but since she got out of the tub dripping wet and wandered to the toilet it left the floar soaked! I went running in there like a pregnant lady who has to pee and biffed it good! Ohhh one of my many talents!
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