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Greasy coat

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My newest addition Rocko has a greasy coat. He also is a big guy who doesn't really clean all his bits and pieces (especially his legs-very greasy)

How do you handle this? Is there a special way to remove grease from his coat? Like using a certain product, or should I give him regular baths (icky )????

Can I give him something in his food to help?????

He was a mess when I got him from the SPCA(shelter). He had ringworm and was bathed alot for the last month he was there...he was matted too when I got him. I have had him for 4 months. Shouldn't any coat probelms arising from being washed so much or whatever he went through there, be cured by now?

It's a question that has been really bothering me. My other two have really nice coats. He also HATES being brushed, which doesn't help with his tangley hair

I know that some cats have greasy coats but how do you deal with it? Should I just put up with it and leave him alone...I am sure if I asked him he would say yes!
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Medicated baths and grooming baths are two very different things. Medicated baths for fungus, ringworm, fleas etc. does not address the problem of greasy coats.

A greasy coat is a greasy coat. Age is not a factor.

You have two options:

1. Frequent dry bathing (corn starch bathing or dry shampooing)
2. Frequent bathing - at least once a month. If you opt for a wet bath then you should look for products like Groomer's Goop or Dawn Dishwashing liquid. After degreasing, super dilute the conditioner or use a texturising shampoo to bring back the PH balance of the coat.
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I used to have a greasy cat. It's not always a matter of them not grooming. Some cats are just greasy. Mostly they are male cats. The only way to deal with a greasy coat is to bathe the cat. You can try cornstarch based dry baths but they don't always work and even on the one's it does work for, often by the 2nd or 3rd dry bath it no longer works.

The best method of dealing with greasy coat is to rub the cat down with Goop handcleaner. It doesn't have to be the groomers goop, although it contains more moisturizers and is nice. Many persian breeders have used the hand cleaner version of this for years. Some say to leave it on for 15 to 20 minutes but I never have and it still works great. Rinse, then scrub down with plenty of Dawn dishwashing liquid (regular). Rinse and follow up with a conditioner and a vinegar/water rinse. A couple tablespoons of vinegar to a gallon of water is good. Or for really greasy coats, some will use 1/2 c of vinegar to 1-2 gallons of warm water. The vinegar also restores pH balance.
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Awesome! Thanks. I hope he is easy to bathe
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