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Checking in.............I am a long lost TCS person!

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*sigh* I have been SO not on this site lately. Yeah, like try since January. I suck! Does anyone even remember me???

The closer it gets to our wedding, the more frantic I become! April 19th is the day! ACK! I am going to be a MRS!

If any of you remember me, you might remember that Angel died in December. It was so so tough for me and you know what? It has been almost four months and I am stil VERY VERY sad. I can cry on the drop of a hat over her and it totally sets the course for the rest of my day.

Does it EVER get better? I just want to HOLD her. TO have her in my arms again at night all cuddly, purring, and drooling because she is so happy. I feel SICK over it still.

But, anyway...enough of that. I wanted to pop in and say hey and see what is going on in here.

Debby...I still have that freakin' CD for you!!!!! ARGH!
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Hi Carrie! I remember you! Glad you found your way back! I am so sorry to hear about Angel. I believe that the grieving process is the same with anyone we love. Time will soothe the wound.
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Oh My God...she's back! Carrie dear...we've mised you so much!
I'm sorry to hear that you're a bit (or should I say a lot!) stressed with wedding plans...before you know it the day will be here and the wedding will go perfectly!

I'm also sorry that you are still grieving so much for Angel...it does get better eventually. She wouldn't want you to cry and be upset for her leaving you. She knows that you love her and that you always will...plus she's looking over you everyday! Try to think positive Hon...that's the start of it all.

Well...I'm glad to see that you stopped in to say Howdy and I hope that you can stop in more often. Like I said earlier, we've missed you!
Good luck with the wedding plans and hope all is going great in Michigan for you!
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Hi, I read your post--and I am a "newbie" here, but your post made me cry. I lost a kitty a year ago--and still mourn for him. --And have lost other much-loved pets along the way, and still miss them too. The only thing I can say, is that with time, it does get a bit easier. When I am really sad about it, I try to think of my kitty, being back together with her original owner who loved her so much, and passed away(I inherited him!) I KNOW she is spoiling him, giving him things that kitties are NOT supposed to eat for meals in this life (TRY to just keep that cat away from doughnuts and Marzettie when that was what was around the kitchen!)--But in the next life for him, I would like to think he can have ANYTHING he'd like to have--AND it won't be bad for him! I lost a cocker spaniel(Taffy) several years ago--and she was my baby too. I always picture her, with my DH's dear aunt, who so loved that little dog, and would always make such a fuss over her, when she dropped over here for a visit. She has passed away, and I always think she and my little Taffy are together, playing and romping around--waiting for me to come along again someday... {{{HUGS}}} And hope your wedding goes really well--and your marriage, even better!!!!

Come and See our kitties we've rescued and found homes--or still need homes!

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Welcome back! Marriage is fun,wedding's can be nerve racking But fun!
Keep us up to date! And the best of luck!!
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Do we remember you! That's a silly question, Carrie. :tounge2: Yes, we remember you, and like Shell said we missed you!!!

Angel will always be with you, and you will always miss her tremendously. The subtle change will happen that you will be able to think of her and smile instead of cry. You won't even notice it, it just happens over time and it doesn't mean that you grieve her any less. ((((HUGS))))

April 19 is just around the corner! Don't worry, it will all go just fine. The important thing is that at the end of the day you are married to the man you love. The rest of it will fall where it may, but it will be a good day.
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Hi Carrie and welcome back!!! I know you feel really stressed right now, but I'm sure your wedding day will go smoothly, and you'll be a beautiful and radient bride!!!

I'm sorry Angel's death is still causing you so much sadness. You will always remember Angel, but eventually thinking about her will be less painful. Try to concentrate on your happy memories of her and cherish them.
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I am THRILLED to see you back here again!!!!! I have missed you!!! I was wondering what had happened to my fellow Manilow fan!!!
I know how you feel about Angel...I lost my dog quite awhile back and still get misty eyed when I think about it. I do hope it gets better for you.
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You know what? You guys are the greatest! Really, when Angel did die, the support I got here was just wonderful There are days when yes, I know that she is gone and accept it, but then there are days when it just really doesn't seem possible...like it is unreal and I have to find a way to get her back. She would've been 19 this month!
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Nice to meet you Carrie!! Nobody here forgets.. they have excellent memories!! I was gone for a loong time, like 1 year+ and upon my return they all remembered me and welcomed me back with open arms! Welcome back!! I'm very happy to meet you! Good luck with your upcoming wedding and CONGRATULATIONS too!
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I just wanted to add a welcome back! I hope that you are back for a good. Try not to stress over your wedding - it will go smoothly, and even if it doesn't, that is fine too as long as you are together!
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Yep yep! I will be back for good! I never intended to actually ditch...just am swamped with wedding stuff!

We will be gone for a week to Las Vegas and I won't have a computer, though. ARGH! What am I going to do without a PC for a week!?!?!?!?!?

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Carrie, I'm so glad you're back. Your wedding day will be one of the most memorable in your life. You will be beautiful, and everyone-especially your fiance - will know it. I know it's hard to get over the loss of Angel. The pain will ease, but thankfully, we never forget our little furry best friends.

Now that you've found your way back, don't get lost again!
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Carrie - what a nut! How could we forget you? WE MISSED YOU!!! Things do change though - look! I'm a Mod now!

All my babies are still alive and monstering about the house, so I don't know what you're going through. But my heart aches for your loss, and I love what Heidi said. I look for the day when her memory will bring you smiles instead of pain.

Good luck on the wedding (and the marriage!). I hope all goes GREAT and that you have a fabulous, fantastic day!!! (WE EXPECT YOU TO POST PICS IN THE WEDDING THREAD!!! I'll even find it for you, so NO EXCUSES!)
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Oh yes!!! I can't wait to see wedding pics!!! I wish I was there to help out!!!
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Hey, Carrie!! I joined TCS just about a month ago, so I wouldn't remember you from before . . . but welcome back! Good luck with your wedding! I'm just getting started with what you're going through; I'm getting married next June! I wish you the best of luck with that and congratulations!!

And I'm so sorry about Angel. I've never lost a cat, but I had a macaw that died at a very young age. (They normally live to be about 35, and she was only 3. My friend who has birds was taking care of her for me while I was gone for a couple weeks. His huskies "hunted" her when he let her out of the cage, thinking she'd be fine since the dogs were afraid of all of his birds.) It does get better after awhile, but slowly. Just hang in there; I still sometimes feel like crying when I think about my Niki. ((HUGS))
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