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I'm afraid Dad's not happy with me...

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Two of my brothers and I took my parents out to dinner last night for my father's birthday. At some point Mom remarked "it's too bad you took in the cats" (meaning Fera and Chloe last month) and told my father to tell me why. Another brother (who wasn't there) found a stray, but she didn't get along with his cat and he wanted to rehome her. Dad went on to tell me that there were several other strays near my brother's house and the local shelter wanted him (because he called them) to pay to pick them up. So I got the "he would have found a home for the 1st stray if you didn't have to take in someone else's cats" vibe a few times during the evening. My mother then suggested that he ask my sister to take in the cat, but Dad is refusing (I think it's because he knows her husband will say no - they already have one cat.) My other two brothers aren't in a position to take the cat (one can't afford to be a responsible owner and the other has a cat-hating Jack Russell Terrier.) Dad seemed to mope the rest of the evening.

There is no way I can take in a 5th cat in a one bedroom apartment right now - especially a stray who would have to be quarantined from the others. I'm just getting my boys Bob and Bickford to accept Fera and Chloe. I know my Dad will say he's not mad at me, but he's still bothered.
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sorry, but whos he(dad) to say what life you save? the two you took in are just as greatful to have a new home. Its not your fault your brother has strays!
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I can understand your dad is disappointed a potential home fell through but it`s not right that he`s eggy with you over it

Can he not take them in himself? I would just concentrate on the cats you have already, I know how hard some intro`s can be and if adding more to the mix is going to be difficult, don`t do it!
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He means well. My parents can't take a cat right now because of some health issues they have - they won't be able to give the proper care. He knows I'm giving my feline brood the best care I can. He's actually the person who found Bob for me (through a co-worker he had at the time). He's just worried that my brother will get too stressed about the strays and what will happen to them.

I talked to my mother and she didn't mean it to sound harsh, more like "if you didn't have the girls I'm sure you would consider this...". I'm asking around to see if anyone at work is interested.
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sounds like a guilt trip to me
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They sound like they meant well, but as unfortunate as it is, you really can't save them all.
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