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What do your indoor cats do all day?

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I won't let my 2 boys go out anymore...They are indoor cats now.....Just wondering, what do your cats do all day? I don't want them to get bored...will they? They have toys and scratching posts and windows to look out. I know they are safer in the house......Am I being neurotic??? lol
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No, you are not being neurotic. I have toys galore, a 8 foot cat tree, boxes, for my 4 cats. They play occasionally, but mostly they watch tv or sleep. If they do go out, they each have a favorite bush that crawl under and sleep. They are the laziest little buggers on 4 paws since Fred went to the Bridge an he cannot make them chase around any more. He chased them around every evening until he passed away at 18.
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My 2 just eat and sleep LOL. Talk about l-a-z-y! They don't even like to play with their toys!
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Sleep, eat, use the litter box--in that order My 2 girls play together, they love the rustling cat tube I bought for them (about 1' diameter, 4' long). They like catnip and I give them toys but don't keep them out as then they get used to it and I find it loses its effect. They love big windows and being high up--I have 2 floor to ceiling posts.
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my cats are still both under a year and they play chase me catch me, usually in the evenings/night. They nap a lot lol.
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During the day? They mostly sleep. Lazy bums! They also play-fight with each other, and play with the millions of toys that are strewn about the house. They have plenty of entertainment.
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My kitties (5) are between the ages 3 and 1.5. They are lazy... aparently that is just an indoor kittie thing though lol. I have their toys out constantly and they really don't play too much with them (prolly since they are out all the time). They sit in the windows and watch outside most of the time or sleep. The 3 youngest will play fight. I have a 6 foot cat tree they sometimes go crazy with.

I have a pretty big cage for them outside they go out in if the weather is good enough and they enjoy that.
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We spend some time with interactive toys - otherwise they are sleeping or hanging out on the window sill or treehouse by the window.
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I agree with everyone that they mostly sleep. My roomate is home during the day and says they are always asleep. Except at 4 when Fiona wants to snuggle for a bit.

They have lots of toys to play with (they play hide and seek-they hide them and seek them out on a later day ), cat trees to sleep on, watch birds and things go by on the window sills, wrestle with each other. Plenty to do!

I rotate toys so they won't get bored, put down cat nip occasionally.
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Our kittens (we have three) run like clockwork! We get up and they want a few cuddles. Then, they run around for a bit and play with each other or their toys. Then, around 10ish (I work from home) they find their napping places. Conor occasionally gets up when I get home from the gym - around 1ish - for some one-on-one time. If I wash dishes, Paddington wakes up (he thinks washing dishes = getting fed...) and after he realises it is not feeding time, he sits at the window and watches birds for a while. And then they sleep some more.

They wake up for dinner, then nap some more and then play before napping - some more. Seriously - your cats will probably just sleep most of the day. I think that is what most of them do during the day. Ours are most active early in the morning and at night (as I type they are running around like mad men).
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My boys wrestle around the house like a tornado for most of the day. The girls apparently sleep all day, because they keep me up all night!
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Well Jack starts his day off by playing with my maltese puppy Emma, then he just lays around the house. He has a cat tree, and he has every toy I think they make, they are all in his room, yes Jack has his very own room! I havnt played with him and his toys lately but he knows where they are and I think he prefers the company of my dogs and I then playing with his toys. He can usually be found curled up in the dog pile of the 5 dogs I have.

Cats do great indoors, they can definitly find something to keep them occupied if there isnt any toys around.
I find that the really like cat hammocks too, you just put them by a window sill and the cats love to curl up and lay next to the window with the sunshine shining on them and the view out the window. And having a lot of cat scratchers is a good idea too, i have one in every room so my couches stay claw free.
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I think even outdoor cats sleep most of the day too, we just don't see it. Mine likes to eat, litter box, nap, than all of a sudden wants to play with me and the feather swatter toy. I'm hoping if I can get a kitten she'll play more, cause she is kinda lazy! Sleeping is what cats do best anyway
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My cats spend all day curled up next to each other on my bed. If I'm rude enough to be home, it sometimes disturbs them and they get up and do something else. And, to be honest, they get up and drink water and sometimes look out the window and use the litter box. But these are calm activities punctuating the large amount of sleep they get.

They are both really rambunctious sometimes in the evening. But not during the day, almost no matter what I do.
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Mine sleep for a good portion of the day. But they do get up for a while and have zoom around the house time. We have plenty of toys, cat forts, scratchers, and places for them to sleep. Plus the bird feeder in the backyard and woodland wildlife to watch. But sometimes I think they liked watching cars and maintenance zipping around at our last apartment better. We also have a fish tank for them to watch.
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Sleep, eat, use litter, occasionally runs around...then back to sleep.
Seems she likes to sit by an window & catnap a lot
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mine have loads of toys, 4 cat trees, & there's 5 of them, so they have playmates besides me...
but yet, when i'm home w/them to see what they do all day - they mostly
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Cats generally sleep 13-16+ hours a day.
My older cat Sneakers mainly just sleeps, moves from one sleeping spot to another, walks up or down the stairs looking for food, and then sleeps some more. Of course she is over 14 years old.
The kittens of course also sleep a lot (kittens sleep more) but they like to chase each other throughout the house as well and bat toys around when the other kitten is not interested in playing...
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While I'm at work the cats "redecorate" my house. Today when I came home the tv was in the middle of the room, still on it's stand

They also enjoy setting a booby trap of toys for me to navigate around to get in the door.
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Mine play a lot. They chase each other around the house. I have toys and bottle tops that they play soccer and hockey with. They do take cat naps, but mine pretty much sleep through the night and are a little more active during the day. I also dont sit still and they are usually following me from room to room keeping up with everything Im doing, being the nosy furry butts that they are.
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My two do a good deal of napping, chasing each other and bird watching. Right now the leaves are fully back on the trees, the birds are nesting out front and their window perch is at exactly the right spot (kitty TV!)

I am neurotic about them being bored, so not only do they have tons of scratching boxes and kitty furnature, I rotate the toys so that not too many are out at once and they seem like new when they come back out again (a tip I picked up from a cat behavior book).

They also talk to the neighbors cat in the window and watch the squirrels/alley cats out back. I think it's generally a busy day
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I have 6 cats and 5 of them are getting pretty lazy. They have a bedroom upstairs with a king sized bed. That is their bedroom and they just love it up there. My Bengal cat is very active in the morning. She gets up with a bang and starts rearranging the house. She entertains herself most the morning! Then she naps in the afternoon then starts up again in the evening!
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my kitties sleep all day. they chase each other around for a little while, eat, patchy bosses me around for a bit and sometime chloe and patchy take turns sitting in my lap all day but other than that....they sleep in my box springs. i guess its like a kitty hammock
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Originally Posted by courtney_ou View Post
my kitties sleep all day. they chase each other around for a little while, eat, patchy bosses me around for a bit and sometime chloe and patchy take turns sitting in my lap all day but other than that....they sleep in my box springs. i guess its like a kitty hammock
My very first cat, my beloved Sydney used to sleep in my box springs! Awww....thanks for bringing back some really great memories. I can see him right now as a little kitten scratching his way into the box spring. I loved him so much..and still do!
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awww <333! my box spring is only a yr old but its full of holes from the kitties LOL but i wouldnt have it any other way

the only bad thing about it is when chloe and patchy fight during the night and im trying to sleep they have an entire full sized bed but they both like the same corner
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I have no idea what Libbi does all day. I assume she sleeps in her “room†(aka the spare closet – her choice!) where she ALWAYS is. Spooky likes to sleep some, play with his toys, figure out how to open doors and overall try to get into things he knows he’s not supposed to, follow my roommate around and play with him, sleep some more, and then sit and stare out windows. Apparently he plays with my roommate by lying in front of the door when the roomie goes outside, and makes him slide him across the floor (gently) with the door to open it. He thinks this is great fun and will keep running back to lie in front of the door several times if you keep doing it for him.
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I'm not sure, as I'm usually at work, but I think that he spends most of his time sleeping. That's what Father said he did back when he was alive, anyway.
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my kitties used to lay in the windows all day but for some reason this apt doesnt have window sills. the poor kitties kept knocking themselves silly trying to jump in the windows b/c the windows have white wooden frames on the insides giving the illusion of sills. they did get to lay in the windows before it got too hot to leave them open. (my screens are stapled to the outside of the building so when the windows are open, theres like 2ft of room for them to stretch out)

they also like to nose thru the cabinets at night, leaving all the doors open but apparently that got old, plus they kept getting in trouble for all the cabinet doors being opened in the morning. they like to open my only closet (which is in the hallway and VERY creepy) and stare into it. they wont go into it but one will push the other into and then she will run back out LOL (im not entirely convinced this place ISNT haunted and not just with kittens, but y'know... )

my apt is really strangely built in case yall were wondering haha
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Mine climb their trees, sleep, eat, watch life on the outside by a window or a door. They wrestle and play chase. They follow me around. Run up and down the staircases. Explore the basement.
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Originally Posted by missymotus View Post
While I'm at work the cats "redecorate" my house. Today when I came home the tv was in the middle of the room, still on it's stand

They also enjoy setting a booby trap of toys for me to navigate around to get in the door.

i just loved that! you must have done a double take when you saw that!
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