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Hi there

We are due to go away for a few days and our kitties are off to the cattery. I am really nervous about leaving them as it is a cattery that we haven't used before. The old one closed down.
I went to visit and it seemed clean and spacious and the owner was nice.
Minnie the kitten has never stayed at a cattery before and I am worried about how she will react.
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Don't worry about how you may look to the owner of the place (she MUST be used to people being a little nervous)......go and look over the place again and make sure you ask all the questions you want answers too! Make sure YOU are comfortable leaving them there. It is so difficult leaving them I have a great cat sitter that comes to my house...I would go nuts if I didn't have her!

You can make sure Minnie is comfy cozy by bringing favorite blankets she may like, a piece of clothing you have worn is good too (she can smell you), fav toys, foods or treats she likes. If she is a little kitten she may handle it okay. They are resilient little things.

Hope it all turns out okay, I am sure it will. Do they have alist of customers that you can contact for references?? Just a thought, it may help if you can talk to someone who has kept their kitties there.
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