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Hello. My name is Snouggie. I'm a rescued throw-away. You can read my entire story on the breeder list. You see I was at one time loved and then I had to leave that home and was thrown out of the car with my friend the K-9. Someone else took my K-9 to be their's. My non-feline love them too but she took in so many of us felines she has to wait until she can get a kennel built before more K-9's will come to live with us. My non-feline trains service dogs to assist non-felines that have a disablity and she loves all animals. Anyway she said I don't have to ever be afraid, but I don't know. She promised me she wouldn't let anything happen to me as long as she had breath in her body. I want to believe her but I believed another non-feline and that one threw me away. I know this non-feline is a real push over she let me come to live with her and I even get to keep all my children from this pregnancy. She said they will be the last ones I have tho because after I'm able to leave my children for one night I will have something called a spay. I don't know what that is but my non-feline said it would be alright. Well, I better go, being a mommy-to-be is very tiring. Snouggie
4/8/2003 NOTE!!!!!!!

Saturday 2 babies enter this world. They arrived at 2 & 2:20 AM. We were able to see the second one come into the world.

One has already been named Patches as s/he has several little white spots within his back of yellow.

The second one will be named by "Aunt Vicki". She is thinking about what she wants to name 'her' baby.

I had asked God to give me one yellow kitty like my Sleepy (at Rainbow Bridge & missed terribly). He gave me 2! He's such an AWESOME God!
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Welcome to the site Cynthia! I hope everything goes well with Snouggie's pregnancy.

As a note, since The Cat Site is an educational website we discourage posting as a cat. Especially since you seem to have experience with rescuing cats, we would love for you to join in and help people if you can, but the advice won't be taken seriously by many people if you are posting as a cat. You can certainly post Snouggie's and your other kitties' stories from their point of view in Paws and Reflect, our literary forum. We have quite a few stories like that in there.
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Welcome to the site, Cynthia. We'll look forward to hearing about Snouggie and all your other cats. We have many forums, so enjoy yourself! It's wonderful that you will be taking care of the kittens!
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Hi Cynthia, Welcome to TCS! I hope your find it both useful and fun... but watch out, it can be pretty addictive.

The Feral Colonies Forum is always looking for experienced people to help with tips and advice. Hope you find time to explore the whole site! :tounge2:
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Welcome Cynthia! Looking forward to reading more about Snouggie and the rest of your gang.

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Welcome! And God bless you!
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Welcome! You will find this site to be quite addicting!

There are a lot of us on here with multi-cat households. It's always great to find someone else with a houseful of kitties!
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Welcome Cynthia! Hope you enjoy your time here.
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G'day, hello and welcome Cynthia, glad to see you here.

Please post some pics of your kitties if you can.
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Welcome welcome! I know you will like it here and get the support you need too...
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welcome to the boards!!
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