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New Kitty

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Well a little back ground on how I got her! I am basically a second mom to about 5 teenage girls! They come and spend the night with me every couple of weeks and thier mom's love it! It is time away from home and thier moms dont have to worry about what they are doing or who they are with! Well one of my girls had a kitten about 8 weeks old who stayed outside! Her mom has chickens and the kitten kept getting in the cage! Well her mom said she was tired of the kitten messing with the chickens so she decided to ask me if I wanted her! She figured that she would see it often and it would have a good home! I am going to have a pic of her to post in a few days! Kitty Kitty still has not had her babies and is being a little agressive but I have a large open metal cage for the kitten until she get adjusted to the new addition! Her name is booger and is such a love! She stays in the cage at night or when I have to leave the house! The rest of the time she stays by my side!
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Hey Ash, what color is she? I bet she's just adorable. Congrats on the new family member. Hey, where in Florida are you anyway?
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your little family keeps growing! that is wonderful news. I'm glad you were ableto take her :flash:
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I am glad you were there to catch another dumped cat. No offense intended for your teenager. When you hit at least 3 cats, one more never seems to feel like more. I am dying to get a bigger house so I can fit more of these loves into my life. I am sure this kitty is going to be spoiled rotton
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ok here is my pic of my new cat! Her name is Booger! I live near a small town named Jennings!
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what a sweet looking kitty! It's like she's posing!

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It should be illegal to be that cute.
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Thank you! I fell in love when I saw her!
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Well guess what! I was trimming Boogers long claws when I discovered she is not a she at all!
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Well now you know why he is all handsome in his tux then

What a doll!
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