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A question for those who's cats have chronic constipation problems.

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I know that about adding fiber, but I am wondering what kind of diet people feed their constipated kitties and does it help. Poor Jordan had a bad day yesterday and when I got home at 9PM, he was walking funny. I couldn't figure out what it was, then it dawned on me. He does that when he gets really constipated. The good news is that 3cc of enulose, a 5 minuet wait, and one large BM later he was doing great. I have decided that he needs a 100% wet food diet (which he is thrilled about!) because when I feed him dry food it seems to make it worse. He loves the FF medolies, and Friskies. I know every cat is differnt, but I'm wondering what works for other cats as far as wet food. He seems to do better on FF than Friskies. I tried Grain free and he would not eat it. I'm just trying to make my baby as comfortable as possible. I do not give him enulose daily because that seems to make him gassy.
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Fiber actually made all of my cats who had constipation issues worse. Stimpy's is fairly easy to keep under control. I was giving him hairball goo daily. He LOVES Hartz hairball stuff. But a couple months ago switched to adding a teaspoon of olive oil to his canned food (giving him hairball goo a few times a week rather than daily) and he's going with no problems. Adding fiber to his diet really plugged him up, and he would have giant BMs when he did go. I feed mostly canned because he stubbornly won't do all wet. So his dry is pretty minimal (that's why big bags of food last us a long time). We use Fancy Feast, Friskies and Meow Mix wet foods. There are so many flavors they don't get bored.
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We give a bit of pumpkin and a prescription med from the vet, Lactulose. The lactulose really does help with both the constipation and any hairball issues. We now feed her a special kidney food, so she doesn't take the lactulose anymore. She hasn't had a problem, though, for which I'm thankful.
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What type of fiber were you giving ??? souble or insouble .... the food is okay ... can you get him to eat the nearly all meat FF s
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Originally Posted by sharky View Post
What type of fiber were you giving ??? souble or insouble .... the food is okay ... can you get him to eat the nearly all meat FF s
I'll have to give it a try. Since his blood calcium has been down, he is willing to eat more kinds of food. When his blood calcium was high, he wouldn't even eat the Friskies. I know he does not like the Meow Mix wet food.
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I give my Cat lax aire.
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I've tried it all.... hairball rx foods was a waste
laxatone paste - he hates
rass gel - he tolerates
hairball treats - he likes whiskas temptations only

so i combine hairball treats every other day, grass gel every other day, I feed 3 times some wet food (whiskas, animonda, sheba - he prefers the pate kind, not the chunks) and he has a portion of dry food - orijen - during the day for him to snack.

This has helped because he goes every other day, sometimes, he goes daily for a couple of days... but at least he is not trying and I do not see him getting frustrated ... I also bought a couple of days ago a "water dome" is the most similar to a water fountain available here and well... he drinks more so he should be better...

I tried also Miralax in his wet food but he could taste it so after a couple of times he would not touch the food with miralax.

I think that less fiber helped for this cat, because if I am not mistaken since I switched to Orijen he is better... I am also trying to find a better quality canned food here but still have not found...

Good luck !
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Wet food has helped my cats a bit. I use Cat-Lube tablets (Petco usually has them) for two of my cats - the tablets have slippery elm, marshmallow root, enzymes and fiber, and they work well for my two who like them.

Felixia is the one whose constipation has always been the worst, but unfortunately she has a very sensitive stomach and can't tolerate something in the cat-lube tablets. I've been giving her marshmallow root instead. Dr. Jean mentions it in her posts in the holistic forum as an alternative to slippery elm.

Felixia fought me tooth & nail when I tried to give her slippery elm, but she doesn't mind the taste of marshmallow root, and it's really helped her a lot. You may want to ask your vet about it, or ask a holistic vet about the right dosage for your cat.
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Pipsqueek was horribly constipated about 2 months ago. The vet had to remove the first 2" manually. And even then you could see large pockets of poop in his intestines. The vet has me adding extra water to his canned food and 1/4 teaspoon of Miralax every morning. So far, so good! I get poops from him that would make a Great Dane groan!
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