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So Annoyed (Long Rant!)

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It all kinda kicked off yesterday when my 10 month old niece who lives at home with us fell really ill during the early hours of the morning with gastroenteritis, and also she felt poorly before that with a viral infection in her chest

As my sister was getting her dressed, my niece suddenly went blue, then fell asleep straight away..this got us really worried, so we called the doctor's surgery and explained what had happened (she had visited the doc's previous day about infection) and they suggest she went straight to A&E. My Sister quickly got her sorted out and went to the hospital with her....

An hour after they went, we received a phone call...the doctor's on the department had ONLY just got round to seeing her! And she went in as an emergency patient!!

Then, almost 4 hours after that phone call we get another one....my sister informed us that the Paediatrician was on his way round, and the Nurses on the ward she was put on hadn't even bothered checking her vital signs, such as Blood Pressure, Temperature..the REALLY important bits...and what really made my blood boil, was that they had asked my sister to try and get her daughter to pee on a potty to get a urine sample instead of using a nappy! She is only a young baby! Apparently, the staff didn't want any germs from the nappy being spread about.....

Next thing, it took them nearly another hour to get blood samples, and because my poor niece was tired by then, she started to cry and get frustrated...the nurse then had the decency to complain that she couldn't get veins to show, and that my poor niece was chubby! She is average weight!

In the end, we phoned my sis and told her to bring her daughter home...we could got bear the treatment she was getting. To make matters worse, the paediatrician told her that she would have to return today to have an ECG, as it wasn't available to use out of hours!

So frustrated!...........Sorry about the rant guys, just had to let it out! Will keep you informed of the situation....
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Wow, im sorry this happened, talk about morons!
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That is awful. ER's are usually so quick with little ones. I'd be angry too
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She went back for her second visit this morning for her ECG, the results for that came back fine, and that all my sister can do for her now is dose her up on normal infant medicine...why couldn't they tell her that last night? Sheesh! Hospitals these days....
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I know how you feel there is a hospital here that is like that!! My aunt went in yellow from being jaundis (spelling sorry) and was having complications with her cancer and they made her wait like 2-3 hours before they saw her!! I know it's not a serious since she was still in somewhat comfort but c'mon!!!!

I hope everything turns out well for the little one anyways
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