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We miss you too! And for the same reason Debby posted her question about Ghyslaine's grandpa in the Lounge instead of a PM, I'm posting this publicly, too. I hope the packing is going really well, and that you're ready to go! I bet Peedoodle and Kahu are going nuts.... keeping all of you in my prayers!
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Kellye, Remember, we asked you to unpack the computer first!
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i talked to kellye a couple days ago and she said her internet service doesn't get hooked up for about a week. i think she will be back online around friday.
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That would explain why I got a "failure" when I emailed her yesterday! I'll have to email her again next weekend. I hope that everything is going good for her, her family and the furkids. I really miss her around here...
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I thought Kellye had a disagreement and left for a while? I was feeling sad about it. But if she is just moving and off line for a while well that great news for me! I have been missing Kellye.
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Thanks for the update Jan. Got my fingers crossed! And I sure hope the move goes smoothly.
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It just isn't the same around here with you gone Kellye.
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She isn't posting, but she pops in from time to time to read the interesting threads and keep up with people. Except that she can't right now, without the internet! As long as she doesn't tape the cats up in one of the boxes, everything was going smoothly last time I talked to her.
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Thanks for the update Lola. I Guess i will just have to every one else for kelleys return.
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Hope everything is going well with you Kellye! I miss you here, too!
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Hi there,
Thank you Laurie. I am sorry I havent replied to your email Laurie - I plan to, its just that time got past me, Ive been busy with everything. Its nuts!
I have just moved as you all know, the house is just gorgeous, and I have been busy, helping my landlord paint her hubbys house so they can sell it. She wanted to pay me, and I told her no because she is a good friend to me, and now shes paying me by taking me with her to Washington DC, Boston and maybe NYC in June. It sounds like a good barter system to me I will be starting up a veggie garden soon, theres so much land and I just mowed - if I dont lose weight by now, I'll be darned
Shell, sorry you couldnt email me - my dad sent me some pictures of my son and they were so big that they took up all the memory in the inbox - we have saved the pics and cleaned up the inbox and now its so much better.
The cats seem to love it here - Kahu was so excited he ran around alllllll night long, and Peedoodle just hid - theres a yappy little dog next door, but now hes used to it LOL I will take some pictures of my new home and post them here for everyone to see.
I love you guys, you are wonderful
The week without tv and internet has been great, we found lots of things to do and we talked a lot in the evenings, so it was great. I never thought how much tv would affect communication between people. Wow!

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Glad to hear your move went well and you are settling in. Check in more often now that you are back online!
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I'm glad the move was's such a pain though. Hope all is well with you and the family. It's really great to hear from you again...we miss you on here!
Can't wait to see those pix...start snappin' away Girl!
Take care of yourself and give love to your furkids from me!
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Hi, Kellye! I'm glad the move is over with! Lots of fun, huh? I'm glad to see you back online. We've all missed you!
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Yay! Kellye's back! I"m glad the move went smooth and that the kitties are happy in their new home.
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YAY! I LOVE hearing the word "gorgeous" in association with your new home!!!!! I'm so glad the move went well!!! Peedoodle will explore it all if he hasn't already. Kahu sounds like a real trooper!

We REALLY look forward to pics!!!

...and don't worry about the e-mail. I totally understand! I'm glad you're back and back online. You were missed!

OH! DOn't know if you saw.... but there's going to be a new forum here! It's gonna be for debates and stuff... and it's going to be member moderated, and the members are helping develop the rules and voting on the name. Right now it's just "The Mystery Forum." Just thought I'd bring you up to date in case you missed it.

SO GLAD the move went well!!!!!!!!!

Welcome back! You were missed! Hope you can find some time for us while you get settled in.....

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Glad to hear everything went well Kellye!! Isn't it great to find a new home that both you and the cats both love??

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I am so glad the move went well - I miss you!
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