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my name is Sha and i luv cats.
Im a boy from vic, australia.
i look forward to getting to know you all.
As my first question i was just wondering whether if you
nueter a male cat will it still mark its
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Hi yourself Sha! It's much less likely that the cat will spray indoors unless stressed to some extent, but it's not guaranteed that he won't 'mark' (if he goes outside) or even inside sometimes, which is not to say he'll do it at all, just that ... it's not guaranteed. I have two young (1 & 3 yrs) neutered males who are strictly indoor cats except when I take them out for short times, and neither have ever either sprayed or marked anything. It's important that they each have their own box, and don't have to compete for food or attention, but other than that, there's no magic, just a good vet and luck of the draw.
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