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Introducing fosters?

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Hello everybody
I haven't posted here in a few weeks...

I've just sorted out my budget etc and it's confirmed that in September I will be moving into my own house!! that means I can foster!

So I have a questions re introducing cats... For Memphis and Lily, it took SO long for them to be in the same room together. They still don't like each other that much.
How do you do it when you've constantly got fosters going in and out?
I'm looking at having 3 cats of my own, 3 or 4 foster cats and a litter of kittens at a time... (That's what I can afford to feed!) Do you keep them all in a certain room or do they get the whole house? Do you keep the kittens and mama cat in a separate room or are they ok with the other cats? And how do you prevent aggression?
I'll also be fostering small dogs (paps, chis, poms & crosses of these I have put my name down for), should I keep them in the same place or should all of them get free roam over the house?
I'm just curious as to how other people do it, I'd probably be more inclined to just let them wander the whole house but have heard of others doing it differently...
Help is much appreciated
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Congratulations on your decision to foster!

I just started fostering last fall and, not to discourage you, personally I had a lot of problems with my first foster cat. She HATED one of my cats (I have 3) and would attack him--my baby--so I had to keep them separated until she was adopted.

I didn't want to give up on fostering but I didn't want to subject my cats to a lot of stress. We recently regained our basement (it was an apartment and unavailable to us) and I am now keeping the foster cats down there. It's worked out much easier, my cats aren't stressed out and I spend a lot of time with the fosters so they aren't lonely. Right now I have a mom and 4 babies . The rescue organization I work with also doesn't do FeLV/FIV screening and I don't want to risk exposing my cats to those illnesses (I did pay for the first cat to be tested as I considered keeping her).

I also decided that a mom and kittens OR 2-3 adult cats at a time would be my limit. I would love to save more but personally I know my limits and the chances of aggression increase with the # of cats.

So my advice would be if possible keep them separated and keep it to a reasonable #.

Good luck!
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