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The most difficult and heart breaking decision i've had to make in a long time... - Page 2

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she's sound asleep in her crate right now snuggled up with her blue blanket I'm going to miss her being here soo much my mom should be heading over here for her in a few hours.

i'm going to go and visit her tomorrow and see how she's going. please pray it all goes well!!!

i've got all of her favorite toys, blankets, her fav. litter pan (when she uses it!), food, treats, etc ready for her so that she feels a little more comfortable. i've also got the feliway difuser going here for my gang that's remaining behind and one for my mom for when jasmine goes to her house to ease the transition a bit. i also told my mom about putting vanilla extract on her and the others to help ease the transitions a little. i'm hoping it all goes ok...
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Aww NikkiIt will all work out
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She's on her way I'm going to try and hold it together and not cry.
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I am sure you arew right to do what is best for Jamine. It is not as if you are abandoning her - only giving her a chance to be happy again. You can visit her, check her progress and you know she will be loved. I hope it works out well, for her and for the others.
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Prayers that Jasmine goes back to her old self at her old home and that Isabella will be ok, too. Hugs to you Nikki, you are a good Mom and will always do what is right for your babies, no matter how much it hurts you
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Well, Jasmine is officially on her way back to her grandma's house now. My mom just left a few minutes ago.

She came over earlier and spent about an hour and a half with me -she brought over some dinner and we talked about Jasmine and what to do/etc what she likes/dislikes. She left with all of her favorite blankets and toys and her cranberry treats. I also got a few pictures of her before she left. That helps a bit.

When my mom came over and Jasmine heard her talking (at that point i had her out running around the living room) she ran right over to my mom and started "talking" to her. That right there made me feel like i was doing the right thing. Her eyes lit up when she saw my mom and you can just tell how much they love each other. I feel better about her going back to my mom's after seeing that. I feel like maybe it's the right decision.

We're still going to just try it for a few weeks and see how she adjust as well as how Isabella adjusts away from her. Hopefully all will be ok and they'll do well. I'm keeping my fingers crossed i made the right choice. I know she'll be spoiled rotten and loved VERY much there (my mom adores her) - i just hate that Jasmine won't be here with me to snuggle and watch tv or to see me when i walk through the door everyday. That stings a bit. But at least i can go over to my mom's and see her as much as i want - that will be good.
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it will all work out in the end. Sending you some good luck vibes
If you miss snuggling with her, you could go and sleep over at your moms with her!
At least you have your other babies to hug as well, so that will help ease the pain.
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Just a little update:

I talked to my mom a few times last night and then again this morning. She said Jasmine is actually doing pretty well so far. Of course my mom called me from Petsmart where she was shopping for all sorts of catnip and cat toys I think it might just work ok after all
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Glad to hear it's going well so far!
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I have been following your journey and it seems as though Jasmine will be alright. She will probably love seeing you when you visit.
I hope you are feeling better.
Keep us posted about how other cats are doing.
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Just heard back from my mom a little while ago, she said Jasmine is starting to act a bit nervous and she's just trying to keep her calm. She hasn't really touched her food much. Hopefully though she'll settle down a little and enjoy the catnip and new toys her gramma got her. I reminded her to just let them go at their own paces and keep the introducts as slow and stressfree as possible. I was going to go over there tonight but then i thought it might be best to give her a night or so to bond with my mom a bit without me stressing her more. Hopefully all will be ok. I'm still a little worried- but i think it could work.
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