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I am very nervous.

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I might be freaking out for no reason, but I got a kitten last night. She is super tiny! You can feel her bones/ribs really bad. The lady at Petsmart said she was 8 weeks old, but she didn't work for the adoption center she was just a regular worker, so I dunno if I got the right kitten or what. But anyway... Today she didn't really eat much when I was here.

I went to work for a while, but my girlfriend came over and said she didn't really eat. We gave her wet food, and she kinda licked it for a while, but nothing was going into her mouth.

Then I tried to mix the wet food with the dry food. She licked all the sauce up but agian nothing was going into her mouth. She was just kind of moving it but not putting it into her mouth.

Then I called the place, but they were closed, but had an emerceny number. I called that, they said try using water and just wet food and make it inbeteen soup and a paste. So I did that, and again she licked and licked and licked it. but nothing was really going into her mouth. So then I thought it best I go to Petco b/c it was open until 8:30. They said get her some formula and a eye dropper. So I did that. but she didn't really eat that. I think it was cuz she was soo tired. She was laying down when we left/came back.

A lady at petco said she might have worms, but from what I think I was told she was already treeted for them? At least I thought she was.

So I dunno. I checked the kitty litter box and there was 5-7 small poopies in there. Atleast I think they were poopies. So she must be eating SOMETHING right? That was form last night, to tonight. Not much was really in there this morning. So that must have all been from today.

I am going to call the adoption center and see what they say. but I thought m aybe you guys could point me in the right direction before I hear form them, and maybe calm my nerves a bit.
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First of all, 8 weeks is still a bit young to be away from the mom, so the poor baby is probably lonely and scared to death! Imagine to be so tiny in a new place with new noises, sounds and people! Add a bit of water to the wet food and mash it up if it's chunky to make it soupy. Also, warm it up a bit (no more than 15 sec in the microwave on low, less if you're using high).

Once she feels more at home in her new home, she'll start eating normally, and she'll start using the litterbox more regularly. Be sure to take her to your regular vet as soon as you can to be thoroughly checked out, tested for the bad stuff, and set up a time to have her spayed.

If she's still not eating, you can always prepare the kitten glop stuff for her.
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In my experiences with new kitties, they don't tend to eat a whole lot the first night you have them. I think it's because they are scared a bit and are a little leary of what's going on. New sights and smells cause a bit of anxiety and I would just make sure she knows where the litter box is and where the food is. Make her comfortable in your home. I always carry the kitties around with me and cuddle them.

Give it another day to see if she will eat more. I do microwave the food too as the previous poster suggested to luke warm temp.

Good luck and keep us all posted.
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Just an FYI I am going to the place where I adopted her and they are going to exam her, to see if she has worms, or if she needs more weight added or whats up. So I'll keep everyone posted.

It might be nothing, but I figure i'd get her checked out.
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I got a cat from the local Petco or Petsmart place (working with the humane society) and she was in terrible condition. She was about a year, with worms, and PREGNANT! I didn't get to see her much before I adopted her but I knew I wanted her. When I got her home, I picked her up and could tell she was preggers. I contacted the humane society and whatnot. I asked them how they could not have spotted the pregnancy or worms. I was told the cats are dewormed but the dewormer does not kill all worms. She had tape worms. As far as the pregnancy, they said they have a vet go check on the cats and it must have not been as detectable as I said it was.

Anyways, I would go get your kittie checked at the vet. I agree she is probably scared and whatnot and that is why she prolly isn't eating that much, but I would definately get the baby checked out. Just to be on the safe side.

I am sure your new baby will perk up soon. Congrats on the new addition!!!

P.S. Other then the worms and her weight she was fine, she is a healthy and happy kittie now and her babies (2) are wonderful!
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If she's leaving deposits in the litter pan - that is a good sign. Like everyone said, she's probably just adjusting to her new environment and being away from her mom and siblings.
Good luck with your new addition, look forward to your update!

PS - welcome to TCS!
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Wow what a day. I get a phone call not to long after I posted my last post. And it's the adotpion center calling me to tell me I have the wrong kitten I don't have "Cora" (the name on the paper) but I have a male. So my speculation about the kitten being a boy was true. They said I could either bring "the boy" kitten back and excahnge her for the real Cora, or keep the boy I already had. Well my girlfriend and I already feel in love with the little guy, so we are keeping him, and naming him Sora. (So i need to get my username changed somehow, i'll email an admin and see if she can do it. it is a pretty specail curcumstance) ... but anyway

We get to the vet. "Sora" is acting very werid in the car. Keeps opening his mouth and closing his eyes. We tried feeding him water from a bottle cap but he kinda just dabed his tounge in it and dind't really drink much.

So we get to the "vet" and sit .. and sit. Sort out a few of the Cora Sora Kirai problems, and his oringal paper name was Burt. I was like ok. But we still had to see a vet about the eating probem.

Finally I get called in. My girlfriend didn't want to go in with me, so I went in alone. I get in. expain what has been going on, and then the doc comes in. I explain it to him. and he leaves, come back with some wet food in a can. (the nurse goes oh wow he gets the really good stuff) and he grabed a popcial stick to try to help. But he just licked it like i was saying. he then opened the cats mouth and "forced" a scoop in. It just feel out.

So he said that they wanted to keep the kitten there for a few days and get it "going again" he said he needed to be "primed" in order to keep eating himself, and they'd feed him until he would eat on his own, and gain a bit of his weight back.

so we left without Sora

But he's getting better so that's good right?

What a mess though eh?
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for Sora
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AWWWW. I bet it will be a long night for you, but it will be worth it for having pros watch over your baby. He/she is probably just scared and lonely. Have you considered the possibility of a friend or him? Twice the fun, twice the love!
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Originally Posted by krazy kat2 View Post
AWWWW. I bet it will be a long night for you, but it will be worth it for having pros watch over your baby. He/she is probably just scared and lonely. Have you considered the possibility of a friend or him? Twice the fun, twice the love!
I got my girls at 7 weeks (they are 6 months old now) They are sisters and kept each other company. I would definately get 2 if I was you.
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Originally Posted by Catkiki View Post
I got my girls at 7 weeks (they are 6 months old now) They are sisters and kept each other company. I would definately get 2 if I was you.
i recommend a pair, also.
btw, tonite @ Petsmart, i saw they now sell Snugglekitties!
sending & for your new baby, too
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Don't feel pressured to add a second kitten or cat for that matter. I felt very pressured by TCS to get a second kitten but it wasn't the time for us. Financially we couldn't afford it. and with our work schedules and school we didn't have the time for a second.

We recently decided to add, we got a cat slightly older than our kitten, there is about a 5 month difference. In a week's time he is fitting nicely. But we did wait until we found the right cat for us, and for resident kitty. I think that was easier to accomplish doing it one cat at a time then starting with 2 cats/kittens we didn't know much about.

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