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LPs Coming Back?

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For those of you who crave the good ol' days of spinning vinyl, read this:

Not sure if it is a true trend or not, but hey, they're selling!
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That is fantastic. I loooove vinyl!
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LOL, now if you could just find a stereo that could still play them. I had a stereo for years but eventually I couldn't find replacement needles for it.
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no way, i was glad when they went away lol
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It never left, to be honest. Audiophiles still prefer it for it's higher quality and some labels that produce punk, grind, core, and similar have always released their bands to vinyl.

Plenty of bands have "collectors editions" in vinyl that may have an extra track or some promo material with it, or just rely on people wanting higher quality. Look outside of the typical mainstream radio bands and you'll find vinyl versions of plenty of albums.

As for stereos and turntables, you can get cheap models or you can go the high end audiophile route. Several of my friends have models with PC hookups.
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We've got a bunch of old records, but no player. Both my SO and I grew up far past the vinyl days and we heard our first record this last Christmas. We can't get over the sound! It's amazing! Sadly we are having troubles finding a record player that's in our price range.

Want to hear something REALLY sad! My SO is 22 and I will be 21 this month. Neither of us could figure out how to work the record player at my granny's!!! We tried and tried for about 10 minutes and then I finally just asked my granny to help us!
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Wow, I'm 25 and grew up with them. Regularly listened to them till around 91-92 when the band broke in my father's turntable and we had problems finding another. Recently on visiting him I went through some of the albums (quite a few of which I now own on cd ) and he put a few on. I want to steal his Blue Oyster Cult - Fire of Unknown Origin record, I've always loved that cover. I'm still annoyed that he gave away The Moody Blues albums he had to my aunt...

My FIL has several vinyls, too, and will play them occasionally. I guess I'm lucky to be surrounded by music fans.

Other genres that get pressed to vinyl regularly - black and death metal. Some are only pressed to vinyl which is an annoyance if one wants an EP or split but doesn't have a record player yet (something I intend to get when DH and I have more space). There's also a record shop in OKC that has a decent selection of vinyl.
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Its true it was on the news here. I still buy records and have 2 Record Players.
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What's an.....LP?

Just kidding! Mom/dad have tons of them & an old player that played them up until I was 14 years old (7 years ago). I miss listening to them while working with dad in the shop.
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One more reason to shop at Freddies!! Woohoo!!

I still have ALL my old vinyl... lots of 70's and 80's stuff... and a turntable that works... mine is from the early 90's when I finally did a replacement of some of my stereo components... now it's hooked up to the Tuner in the office.

I have some awesome vintage stuff too... like one of my grandfather's gospel albums by Ella Fitzgerald... at one point, it was not on CD, and a Jazz aficionado I know at the time said he doubted it ever would get reissued... I treasure it partly because it's Ella, and partly because it was my grandfathers... I have some other big band stuff as well... I'll also inherit my parents' record collection as well... they have some REAL oldies...

I'll have to go to my local one and see if they have 'em... I love my CD's, but LP's have life... the pops and scratches give the music character... I love it.

Okay, off to bed now... must work in the morning... argh!

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My husband and I both love vinyl and have been buying it since we were teenagers. There are some bands who release certain albums on vinyl only. I don't know that this is necessarily a trend- as so many bands and labels have released actual records for years. My first 45 was purchased when I was 14 (14 years ago!), a single by a band called Bikini Kill. My husband inherited his dad's classic rock collection- which is pretty amazing. I love the art included in records, including the colors of the records themselves. The sound is amazing.
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My parents have 2 boxes in our living room filled to the brim with their old vinyl records, if they knew they were coming back to the scene like this..the boxes will soon be back out again!
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I still have hundreds of albums and a working turntable from about 1978. True audiophiles will stick with their vinyl as its still the best medium. I used to buy an album, immediately record it over to casette and put the album away to stay in good shape. I have an audiophile friend who is always borrowing my LPs because they are in impecable shape.
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I have 5 cartons of LP's plus another container of the 45 rpm records I started collecting in my very early teens (1959 and onward). We still have a working turntable, and an awesome Rotel receiver I bought in my early 20's.
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Originally Posted by RubSluts'Mommy View Post
I still have ALL my old vinyl... lots of 70's and 80's stuff...
me too!...

Can you believe me? I have the "Sargent Peper´s & lonely club band" LP!... my favourite!!!
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That would be great - I have some of my fav LP's and 45's from the 70's I'd like to play again.

Biggest challange is finding a record player - even worse finding the NEEDLES to put in the player to use them. Next to impossible!
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Has anyone tried actually looking? Amazon, for example, sells both turntables and needles. Music stores may sell them too (some sell turntables for other effects).
Brand catalogs and sites should have needles as well.
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Originally Posted by strange_wings View Post
Has anyone tried actually looking? Amazon, for example, sells both turntables and needles. Music stores may sell them too (some sell turntables for other effects).
Brand catalogs and sites should have needles as well.
I'd considered looking at Amazon... so now that you've mentioned it...

Amazon: Turntables

There's a LOT out there and replacement needles... woohoo!!!

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