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Well... I waited as long as I could and took off for the hospital. They have moved him to Pallative care. I must have just missed grandma because she wasn't there. I'll keep trying her at home.

I have this sick feeling in the pit of my stomach. I only stayed for a few minutes because he was resting. (everyone apparently just left a while ago) Although he has lived a full life, he is one of two people I have left since mom passed away.

He did talk to me a bit. To ask me to make sure there is gas in his van. And he is worried about grandma. I told me not to be. Apparently my uncle is staying the night with her, if he isn't, I will and then my sister is back tomorrow.

I also talked to the nurse and although she wouldn't tell me much, she said he would be better taken care of where he is now.

I am going back shortly.
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I'm so sorry to hear about your Grandpa! My heart goes out to you and your family. Losing someone so close to you is so hard. I thank God that I haven't had to experience that grief very many times, but yet I know that it will happen some day. Please know that you, your Grandparents and your family are in my thoughts and my prayers.
((((((((((((((((((((((((HUGS to GHYS)))))))))))))))))))))))))))
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Thanks Shell!

Just got back from grandma's. She's having a rough time. The nurse has told her that they can't do anything else for him. She is aware he is not coming home. (she still had hope he'd somehow pull through)

I am heading back to the hospital right now. All the family is coming down now.

Thanks again everyone!

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Ghyslaine... I will be keeping you and your family in my prayers for your Grandfather.
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Ghys - how is your grandpa today?
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Thanks Sandra!

Ady..sorry, just saw this post.

I spent the night by his bedside. He made it through the night ok. They had to give him alot of meds to calm him down though. It's was 1:30am and he was still wide awake.

Today, he seems a wee bit better but the morphine is more or less taking control. He is still fighting for his air but he doesn't seem as agitated today.

Between us, I think he is just waiting for my uncle to arrive. He found out this morning that he is on his way down to see him. Grandpa keeps asking for him. He also talks alot about mom and wishes she was with him. It'll be 3 years this November since she passed away.

I just think he is hanging in there to give the family time to get down here.

The mind is a powerful tool. He'll only let go once he is at peace.

Heading back to the hospital again. My other uncle is staying the night with him. I slept about a total of 2 hours since wednesday morning so I think it is wise that I head home and try to sleep a little. As long as he is not alone.

Thanks to everyone for asking and caring. It is much appreciated.
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Ghys, I'm so sorry your Grandpa isn't doing so well. I'll be keeping him, as well as the rest of your family in my thoughts.
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Ghys, my thoughts and prayers are with you as well. Your grandfather is probably waiting for all of the family to be there, to be able to see if they are all OK. One really important piece of advice that we got was, it helps a lot to tell him its all right for him to die. Not in those words, if that's too difficult, but if you let him know that its ok now, you will all be fine, you will look after each other, that may help his relax and be less agitated.
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Thanks Jenn and Sammie...

I'm a little bummed out tonight. Too much has happened.

First, the one person that grandpa is still waiting to see (his son) has decided he is not coming down after all because, get this... he has his family to think of and does not want to disrupt his vacation plans. The fact that his dad is on his deathbed has not fazed him.

Wonder if this next news will shake some sense into him.

Grandma collapsed in the hospital and was taken to emergency. She was told she had a heart attack. Turns out it's a severe case of angina (which, to almost the same??? have no idea....will read up on it)

She has been admitted also now. They are in the same hospital, same floor (thank God!) She is being kept under observation and will be reassessed in the morning. They have her on monitors etc....

Grandpa is still hanging in there. He keeps mentioning that my uncle should be there soon. Nobody has told him yet that he is not coming and, nobody has mentioned what is wrong with grandma. It's a delicate situation now. Am going to sllep for a bit and head back to the hospital. I am taking advantage of the fact that there are some that have offered to spend the night.

Not sure if I will be around much in the next little while. Looks like things may be getting even more hectic.

i will keep you posted.

Thanks again!


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Oh Hon! When it rains, it pours! It's so sad that your Uncle is being that way. He'll regret it later when he realizes that he's being so selfish.
I do hope that your Grandma will be ok! Sounds like the stress is getting to her and she's unable to take it. I'm saying lots of prayers for all of your family and of course you too!
Take care of yourself too...don't need you wound up in the hospital with them!
Hope it gets better for you guys soon! ((((((((((((((((((HUGS))))))))))))))))
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Wow... I hope your uncle reconsiders and shows up to see your Grandpa and Grandma. It sounds as if your Grandpa is counting on seeing him. I'm so sorry your Grandma isn't doing well now either... the stress of having your Grandpa so sick must be taking its toll on her. I'm still keeping them in my thoughts. *hugs*
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Aw, Ghys, its too bad that you have family problems (an insensitive uncle) to deal with as well as the worry about your grandparents. Just realize that he is acting exactly the same way as lots of people who are in denial.

As far as I know, angina is very serious, but the difference between angina, which is a pain caused by lack of blood to the heart, and a heart attack, is that angina does not cause permanent damage. So that's good. And that's a pretty good place to be if you are having heart problems!

Be strong for your family, you are in my prayers, and lots of other people here as well.
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Ghys, you and your family remain in my prayers. My heart goes out to you.

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Thanks everyone!

Grandma seems to be much better. As of yesterday, they removed the monitor and moved her into a different room. Bummer is that she is now on the sixth floor instead of the same floor as grandpa. Hopefully she will continue to do well.

Grandpa is about the same. It's getting harder now because he does not want to be alone for any time what-so-ever. He wants one of us there by his side (myself, my sister and my uncle). We just are not enough.

I have to go to work today and try to figure something out. My uncle(the one that has been there since the beginning)arrived last night around 10:30pm to do the night shift so I could come home to sleep. He will have to stay there all day until someone gets there.I'm afraid he will probably collapse soon as will the rest of us. I'll go on my lunch hour and then probably back right after work.

Guess we will work something out but when you are a small family, there are very few solutions. If he slept the whole night and was ok with being alone at night, it would solve alot but he is adament that someone be by his side at all times. He is afraid, which is understandable.

Thanks again for all your well wishes.
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Oh Ghys, your poor Grandpa! Times like these are so hard on the whole family to begin with. I wonder why they can't put your grandma and grandpa in a room together? It would solve so many problems!!!!!
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Laurie, believe me....we tried to get them into the same room.

At first, it was impossible because of the monitor she was wearing. The signal would not transmit to the Cardiac Unit.

Now...they say they can't because he is in the Terminal Phase ward and it is different from the hospital side. Don't really understand that....

I think once she gets released from the hospital it will be easier on everyone.
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Ghys, in the nursing home I work at, they have occasionally played religious tape recordings to help comfort a resident who is in their last days...also sometimes a staff person will read aloud from the bible to the person.

If your grandpa is a religious person, maybe something similiar will help to calm and comfort him.
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Ghys, I'm praying for you and family. Things like this are never easy. (((Ghys))). It is very thoughtful and considering of you to stay so strong for both of your grandparents during this time.
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Ghys! I just read this! I am so sorry everything is so rough right now. I hope your grandmother gets stronger everyday. I will keep your family in my prayers. I wish I were closer so that I could help in some way!
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Thanks everyone!

Grandma was released yesterday and then re-admitted today. *sheesh* You know..I did question when they said she could go home. She can't even walk on her own and her mind seems to be elsewhere.

They are now considering "maybe" putting them in the same room.

Keeping my fingers crossed. It would be the best thing for all of us.
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Ghys, sorry to hear about your uncle and grandma. I hope they put your grandma and grandpa in the same room. It would obviously be a comfort to both of them. Still keeping you and your family in my thoughts.
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