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maybe I over reacted?

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This morning I decided to start walking the dogs daily agian, so I took two of them on an hour walk. On the way home we were walking along on the sidewalk ,minding our own business, when all of a sudden, out of no where, this dog charges a fence we were right next too. Normally its not a big deal but this dog was able to stick its head over and through the fence and he almost bit me and my dogs, he was barking and looked so angry. Anyways I ended up falling and hurt my shin. I was really pissed. That dog could have easily jumped his fence and he almost bit us.

Sooo I get home and write a note : "Your dog is an a hole! He can get his head past your fence and he almost bit me and my dogs and I fell. Control your dog better. Next time this happens I will call animal control and tell them your dog is viscious, its called responsible ownership. Sincerley your bruised neighbor."

So maybe I over reacted? You guys tell me the truth. I know dogs are territorial and will defend their territory, but this dog could actually reach past the fence and actually get someone. Thats what made me so mad and the fact that he almost did. I was also thinking if that was an older person walking their dog, they could have been seriously injured.

I drove by and dropped the note in the mailbox so they didn't see me and they don't know where I live, plus I didn't leave a name or anything. So they wont know who left it, but geeez I was so angry this morning, now not so much
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I think it was a good idea to let them know their dog could be a danger.. however, I think it would have been a better idea to cool off before writing the note so that it would have come out phrased more nicely.
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I think that they should keep it tied up whenever it is outside so it cannot attack anyone. yesterday I was at the yard with my friend and we were saying hello to a collie and he tried to bite me when I stroked him so I was a bit nervous! Lol
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