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Cat constipation

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Sorry to be so blunt in the title. I think my female cat might be constipated. (She will be one in Sept.) I am trying to incorporate wet food into her dry only diet and she will not even try the food. I thought the wet food might help her. She is also a long haired cat and I am not sure if this is contributing to her being "bound up"

Any suggestions?

Thank you for your help.
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She might have hair balls causing it. My Cat has lax aire for her constipation. I try to make her eat more cans too.
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My female cat has been having the same issues. See if you can get her to eat canned pumpkin, or maybe get some of the hairball treats (will help if there's a hairball, plus have a lot of fiber). I sometimes use Laxatone, which you can get at Petco. It's a hairball remedy too but also will help as a laxative.
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If she is really constipated she may need a trip to the vet. My Jordan has chronic constipation problems, so he has had to have an enema and gets Enulose when he's having a real problem.
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