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I am SO angry! (Apartment/Cat Rant)

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So I was taking Trina on a walk around my apartment complex, letting her explore the grass and whatnot and do whatever, you know, fun stuff.. We'd been playing in the grass some, and upon reaching the end of the long stretch of greenness, discovered one of those yellow flags stating to keep off the grass, danger, pesticides. I was absolutely LIVID.

I dragged poor Trina over to the office (she was SO not happy--I have the scratches to prove it) and demanded politely to know why there was only ONE sign on a large expanse of grass, and they had nothing to say other than "oh, it's dry now, it's fine."


If it had been WET, then what? What in the *bleep* is WRONG with these people? And this isn't the first time they've screwed up where my kitties are concerned, oh no!

I had my sink back up twice, when I hadn't been home in days.. they told me nothing like that would ever happen again, it had been taken care of, then I came home one evening to discover an inch of black, nasty water in my BATHtub where the kitties like to drink from. When I raced over there and demand that they promise to pay for any vet expenses caused if my kitties had been dumb enough to drink that nasty oil, they just gave me the cold shoulder, refused to commit, and just said "Wait and see" basically, without even a hint of an apology.

UGH!!!!! If I even began to list the things that the apartment management has plain ignored, you'd be shocked. But seriously, are they just stupid or something?!
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Oh my goodness that is insane! Hopefully if anything would have happened you would have been able to prove them guilty! That is just plain awful. What if someone's child was playing in the grass? Then would they care? Probably not
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Heck yes I'd be able to prove them guilty! I'd have been taking pictures left and right and getting toxicity reports from the vet and have all four of the lawyers I work for all over them.

God, I should have known to back out the day I moved in. I was slotted to move in on a Wednesday, and while I was waiting for the weekend, when I went inside the first day, there was an entire cleaning crew desperately trying to make it livable! Not to mention the COCKROACHES. Before I'd even moved anything, including food, they were EVERYWHERE. I'd turn on a light and they'd scatter. If that's not a health hazard for me and the kitties, I don't know WHAT is!
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I'd take it up with the management company that manages the complex (not the apartment managers) and if they are no help, go to the city.

That's my best guess as I've never had trouble in the apartments I've been in.
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