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Non-Feline needs HELP!!!!!

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HELP my new non-feline doesn't understand me at all. I'm a newbie to this home and there are 11 other felines. I THOUGHT these non felines would understand every meow BUT!!! Here's what I need your non-felines to explain to my non-feline. You see, I was thrown out of my original home and I felt really scared until one day this non-feline set the most delicious plate of food in front of me. Then that night she came back with more food and I sneaked in their porch--under the door. She thought about it and then placed me back outside with a BIG dish of food. I didn't want to be outside, but I sure was hungry and I ate every bit of food she gave me. A big gray male came to steal what was given to me but this non-feline came right out and that other cat just left like he was terribly scared. However, he peeked up on the porch and my non-feline had placed a second plate of food out. I thought it was mine too but this non-feline took me away and let that other cat eat from the new dish. Then I understood, this non-feline is a big PUSH OVER. She feeds ALL the felines around her home.
Some of the felines don't come into my non-felines home because they have been here longer than my non-feline so they know exactly where to go to be safe. My non-feline makes certain they have good food and clean water to drink everyday. She even names each one.
Now I have to get this non-feline to understand a few things and this is really hard because I can't hear the questions they are asking me. I don't hear only very loud sounds and those frighten me really bad that my non-feline jumps right up and opens my crate to stroke my soft fur--By the way, I don't have to stay outside anymore. That was just tell I got put in this grey box with a silver door and went to my new doctor. I'm very pregnant. I need your non-felines to tell my non-feline all about what is happening. I have tried to make her understand, but I must be doing something she can't understand. I really need your help.
Here is what I'm doing. Maybe your non-felines can translate for my non-feline.
1) my non-felines know I'm going to have at least 3 babies. I'm not telling if I'm going to have extras. I want to surprise them about this.
2) I am starting to pull all my blankets into piles. When this happens am I 'getting close?'
3) I LOVE curling up in my clothes basket.
4) I don't want anyone to touch my tummy and if they do I give them a growl.
5) Please give any information your non-felines will let you to my non-feline. She desperately needs help.

My non-felines ALWAYS spay/neuter but I was already expecting and she doesn’t believe in abortions of any species. I get to keep ALL my babies with me forever. My non-feline will not give them away. Once in our house ALWAYS in our house. My non-feline said there are too many non-felines that don’t take care of their precious felines. My non-feline is hoping for a yellow and white tabby baby. Yes, I’m trying for her. Snouggie at cynthann@bellsouth.net (my non-feline's email address).
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Hello Cynthia,

It sounds as if you have questions on a female pregnant cat, so I am moving your thread to our Health & Nutrition forum.

We here at TheCatSite take our forums pretty seriously, and since the advice you ask for might help others in need, we ask that you post in as clear a manner as possible. We have a literary forum for your creative writing efforts.

Thank you.
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Because she is new to your home, and pregnant it would be best to keep her in a seperate room until she has her kittens and they are at least 10 weeks old. She is proabably scared of her new surroundings, and the new cats around. Most cats need to have someplace secure and quiet to feel as if they can have thier babies. Once she has her kittens, if she doesn't feel it's safe she may keep moving them and possibly hurt them.
When they nest, it's getting close. I would say within 24 to 48 hours. They tend to get a little restless, and they will breath heavier. If possible, I would give her a birthing box to use. Some sort of cardboard or large tupperware box to have her kittens in. She needs to have blankets to keep the babies warm. It also will give the kittens a place to sleep where they are safe, and allow mom to get out and use the litter box and eat.
You also want to make sure mom is eating kitten food, and keeps eating kitten food until the kittens are weaned.
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Reading through your post I see that you have taken in a stray female who is pregnant, and you have taken her to the vet. You say that you know she is going to have three kittens (did you have an ultra-sound done?)

The signs you look for in feral females are this:

Pacing and crying
Nesting (tearing up paper or rooting at cloth) I always just put some shredded newspaper in the corner of the birthing box to help with their angst.
She will stop eating about 24 hours before the first kitten will arrive.

You need to keep the family warm at least 90 degrees right at first, and enclosed box in a closet is ideal for that.

If she is growling when you touch her stomach, don't touch her stomach and be careful, feral moms can nail you quite quickly when they want to.

After the kittens arrrive, do not touch them for 24 hours, unless there is a problem. Have your vet's phone number on hand, and take your cue from the cat as to whether she wants you around or not. Again after they are born, please do not handle them for at least 24 hours, and then if you have to pick them up- know that mom will try and nail you for doing this. I leave the kittens alone if they have a good mom as much as possible. My last rescued litter, one of the kits had to have extra nourishment, so she got handled right away. But feral moms are possessive and you reaching in to see the new family could result in a big problem for you, so be careful.
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Snouggie is new to the household but did not have time to go feral. She was outside on my property about a week so she was already pregnant when the two were thown away.

Already been nesting for 48 hours -- nothing. No labor or anything of that type. Still eating LOTS. About every half hour. She is getting put on kitten food. we are adding more kitten food every day to make the switch over. I feed only Hill's as this is all the vet will allow us to use for our animals. He said this is the best as far as he is concerned.

We've had one other cat give birth--between 1960 & 1964. Gosh I can't remember what she did. Mom said all she can remember is Tiny wanted the clothes basket and Mom next to her constantly. She got both.

She is away from the rest of the cats -- vets orders since she was outside and our cats live only in a closed system. Our cats are never allowed outside.

The vets were only able to feel three kittens -- this is why Snouggie is keeping it a secret. Our vet didn't think an ultrasound would be necessary as we know she's going to have babies. He may not even have the machine.

Thanks for all your help. Cynthia
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STILL no babies! this is really getting bad. One of us have to be with her 24/7 or she panics. As long as she can see one of us she's fine. Vet said maybe about 2 more weeks. His thought was originally 3 weeks left but then she started nesting (still is) but no babies, no labor yet.
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I adopted a feral about two months ago and just recently realized she was pregnant and not just getting fat. Surprise,Surprise! She's pretty aggresive still so I try to leave her alone other than going in to check on her every hour or two. I just hope I can catch the labor to make sure everything goes alright. I just wish she was like your cat, craving attention! I can't get closer that a couple feet or she'll spit and growl. It scares me every time she does this even though I know it's comming! Good luck with Snouggie and her litter. Keep us posted.
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Did you all see that we have 2 of the sweetest little babies on earth. Haven't handled them yet--will begin today. Can't let them get feral as I want to train one to be a service cat. S/he will be trained for a hearing impairment. I haven't had a cat to train as I like to start training an animal before they are weaned. They remember the lessons much better. I posted all the stats on new cats on the block.

Pic's will have to wait -- don't have a digital camera. Have to find one I can borrow. Cynthia
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Just please be careful when you handle them. Feral mom's are quick to strike and they even look the other way when they do. If the kitten starts crying, you will have to be really quick and put it down. You don't have to worry about it *going* feral until the eyes are open and it can observe mom's behavior towards you. I always let the family alone for at least a week before interfering, unless the kittens need human help for nutrition etc.
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This is a great site with ideas on training feral cats to accept you as 'friend'. Karen talks about a shelter but are we not shelters -- we take in the cats and protect them, nuture them when we can get them to allow us the privilege of touching them -- this is the method I have been using with Little Miss Muffet & Stripes. They are slowly coming around to my way of doing things. I can now stroke Stripes before I place his plate of food down for breakfast. I use canned food for the cats breakfast and dry the rest of the day. Little Miss Muffet is still extremely traumatized but I am beginning to see some progress with her as well. Just understand this method works, but you must have LOTS of patience.
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