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Salem, a 5 week old kitten. Advice needed :)

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Girlfriend and I just got a 5 week year old kitten. In the shelter they told us that they were able to retrieve only his sister and him. No mom could be found. The shelter also told us that he was able to eat solid food.

When we got home, we found out that he didn't eat solid food. We were given a bag of what the shelter feed their cats. So we tried giving the solid food with cat milk. He licked the milk away, but didn't touch the solid food itself.

Came to the PetSmart store for the advice, they told us to try and get canned food mushed with milk. We did, worked wonders. Now he started to have tummy problems (diarrhea), so we stopped giving him a milk and continued with just canned food.

He really, really likes it, but he's been having problems with his stool for the past 2 days or so.

Can it be from the diet change? And is there a chance that shelter people lied to us about him eating solid food?

I also read in 2 different sources that kittens are need to be fed Once every 4 hours, while in another source I read that kittens need to be fed every 6 hours 4 times a day. The time is so far apart and I'm not sure which one to believe right now (we are sticking to every 4 hours). Again will appreciate any advice from the people who raised kittens that young.

Here are the pictures of our little purr box.

Him alone with all the toys. (EDIT: Whoops toys were cut out due to the size of the picture)

Salem and my girlfriend chilling together. He likes to lick her nose, no clue why. He however liked to kiss my face.

PS: He is the most clever kitten I've ever met. It took me exactly 1 day to potty train him and teach him on how to use scratching post! He also spends half of the night laying next to my girlfriend's head and than the rest of the night laying at my legs. I've been hardly sleeping for the past few days as I'm terrified of crushing him.
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Good for you and your g/f for taking in such a wee kitty. Five weeks is quite tiny still and some here will recommend canned food with bottle feedings of kitten replacement milk. I am not an expert but I would recommend the several feedings per day of soft food, but allow him to look and explore at the hard stuff (free feeding). I would do one tablespoon of soft food per feeding so as to not overfeed. The runs are most likely from canned food or just any plain switch of food. Give him a couple more days and it should clear up. If it doesn't, I would report to the vet and even a phone call would suffice. My vet recommends chicken and rice formulated food for tummy troubles and I've used it with great success.

I have two devon rex/sphynx and you think sleeping is difficult? My husband had the same fear as you, but they quickly learn to move when there is a leg on them LOL. My devons sleep UNDER the covers, but have found their favourite spots and we're all good now

Have fun with your baby
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Its probably from diet change. Young kittens have very sensitive systems and get diarrhea easily.

I have 2 6-week old foster kittens and both had diarrhea for a week after I got them. Vet said it was either the change in diet or environment or both. Both kittens are now pooping normally.

Good luck with your little guy. He is a very beautiful kitten.
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