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Thanksgiving could use your prayers!

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PLEASE keep your fingers crossed for Thanksgiving! The Vet Assistant who fell in love with Thanksgiving may have found her a home.

The family has had cats for a long time, and the Vets know them well. There is a daughter who attends college, is supposedly a really responsible woman, and would like to have a cat with her.

The Vet Assistant recommended Thanksgiving, and next weekend, if all goes well (as far as we're concerned about the new family, and as far as they're concerned about Thanksgiving), Thanksgiving will go to her new home!

Thanksgiving is the best candidate for this, as she, for some reason, is just not afraid of strangers. She is a TOTAL love bug, loves to play, and is just not scared of strange people coming and going. Susan, the owner of the Cat Chalet, lets Thanksgiving spend a lot of time outside of her cage (same with Tuxedo, too :tounge2: ), and Thanksgiving will walk up to anyone in the place and rub up against them, whether she's seen them before or not! She's got a terrific personality, and I cannot think of a cat better suited for a college student. She talks - but not too much, and it's the cutest little squeaky voice. She loves to be the center of attention, and she's a little aggressive with other cats, so she's a perfect candidate to be in a single cat home.

:tounge2: :tounge2: :tounge2: :tounge2: :tounge2: :tounge2: :tounge2: :tounge2:
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awwwww!! I sure hope all goes well!
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Any news on Thanksgiving?
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I'm so depressed. We didn't hear from Tracey Friday (the Vet Assistant). When we called again Saturday, we found out she doesn't work weekends and she left no word with anyone else at the Animal Hospital.

It turns out the woman decided not to adopt a cat at this time.

Thanksgiving is getting bored, despite all the time Susan spends with her. She's starting to lick incessantly, and she's creating an almost bald spot on her neck. She is such a beautiful animal, and she has SUCH a great personality! Gary and I are so, so, so, so sad. We so wish we could bring both Thanksgiving and Tuxedo home!

And Susan has spent so much time with her that of course Thanksgiving thinks Susan is her mommy, and though she's friendly with ANYONE and EVERYONE (which is just so amazing to me that she's a feral!), she wants to be on mommy's lap....

Susan is amazing, and I'm so thankful for her. We ask EVERYWHERE we go (and carry a picture of Thanksgiving with us!), but we haven't found a home for her yet. And she SO deserves one. She is truly an incredible cat, and amazing well adjusted and socialized! I know we did the right thing boarding her, but now we just don't know what to do.

Sad Laurie & Gary
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Oh Laurie, I'm so sorry to hear this. Thanksgiving does deserve a good home. She'll get one, eventually. I'm sure of it.
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Laurie, I'm so sorry. I wish I could give Thanksgiving a home but I'm just to far away and just don't have the room. Can you try online anywhere? Someones gotta want a sweet kitty like her. My hearts breaking for you. I wish I could help you. Keep your chin up. I know you'll find someone, you're the greatest.
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Oh Wow - we may have done it!

Gary is picking up Tuxedo now. Yes - both congrats AND condolensces are in order. The Animal Hospital called us - a family wants a black and white cat, theirs just died of old age. According to BAH (Blairstown Animal Hospital), these people are GREAT and very responsible pet owners.

So...yes. Tuxedo is going to a new home. WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA.

....AND.... for those of you who don't know or don't remember, Thanksgiving had a brother and a sister. We had them both adopted. Well..... the brother, Magic, was adopted by a great lady who lives really close to us, and she absolutely adores him. He's a total lap kitty (long haired black and small). His name is Magic. She has sic indoor/outdoor kitties and Magic, who is an indoor-only kitty. She thinks he could use another indoor-only friend, and is considering adopted Thanksgiving!!!!!

PLEASE cross your fingers! I SO hope this is the case! She's great, and it would be wonderful for all of them!!!!

(And Barb, Thanksgiving is online. )
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awww i hope he gets a home!!!
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crossing my fingers and toes that Thanksgiving gets a home(xxxx)
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OK... not what we expected, but...

The Vet assistant who adopted Julius has decided top adopt Thanksgiving.

Tuxedo got really, really sick. I'm posting about it in the Cat Lounge.

...but it turns out that the people who were interested in him wanted a long-haired black and white cat. They haven't decided "no" for sure yet, but the little guy is losing a lot of weight, and he keeps throwing up. No parasites. Blood work will be back tomorrow. Took X-rays - nothing wrong there. Poor little guy. Gary has decided that if they're not adopting him, we're bringing him home.
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awww i hope the little tux guy is okay!!! does he have a hair ball stuck or something? My inlaws cat allen was doing that and it turned out his gut is slightly twisted and he needs to eat i high quality food that is easier on his tummy
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Any news on Tuxedo? I hope he is feeling better.

And...what about Thanksgiving???
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Thanksgiving is doing great in her new home!!! She's still licking a lot, but that's to be expected with the stress of moving into a new home. There's still some hissing between her and Juli, but their reintroduction is over. She lives in a large farm-house now, and "her" space within it is the room across from Stacy's bedroom (a sibling's bedroom who no longer lives there). Juli's space is Stacy's bedroom.... though Thanksgiving is welcome when she's ready.

Tuxedo is doing great!!! I wrote about him in the Lounge instead of continuing it here. He was one very sick little boy and lost over 50% of his bodyweight. BUT he started eating again late last week, and after he had a bowel movement and no longer needed subcutaneous fluids they let us bring him home from the hospital. His intro is going so much better than we ever imagined. We live in such a small space that isolation can't be maintained for long.

We took him straight into the bedroom, and kept all the other kitties out in the living room/kitchen. That lasted for several hours. He smelled EVERYTHING in the bedroom and completely explored it, which was GREAT. He's NOT a scaredy-cat!!!! He played and got loved on, and purred up a storm. We let Shelly in to meet him - he let Shel get all the way up to sniff him before he hissed. Then we switched rooms.

Of course, our gang went nuts in the bedroom. Tuxedo had been all over it, so they were occupied smelling him for quite some time, LOL!

He explored the whole living room/kitchen area. He hissed at the cat tree at first! HE IS SO CUTE!!!!

(I measured. He's 12" from shoulder to butt - Shelly is 15 1/2" from shoulder to butt. Spooky is 13", and Lazlo is 13 1/2" - so he really is a little guy! They're all from the same litter...)

Anyway. He hisses at them... Spooky is scared of him (of course - she is so easily spooked, after all!) - and today, for the first time, he let Lazlo give him a bath. My patient cutie Lazlo!

Tuxedo had passed out in just the lid of a covered litterbox (we buy the covered ones because the sides are so high, but don't use the covers). Lazlo stuck his head through the hole, and started to lick Tuxedo. Tuxedo woke up with a start and hit Lazlo on the head a couple of times (but didn't hiss or growl this time). Lazlo pulled his head out for a minute or two - but didn't leave. Tuxedo lay there staring at Laz - who then stuck his head back through the door and just started licking Tuxedo again. Who then just stretched and fell back to sleep.

There's pics and I've been updating the Tuxedo story in the Lounge, here: http://www.thecatsite.com/forums/sho...threadid=17673
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