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Lost Posts. . . . . .

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Anne: FYI three posts I made today 5/22/01 are gone. They showed when I posted them but later when I went back to read new posts ater my e-mail notifications my post was gone. . . .Not that they were that important, but you should know if posts are being lost. These were all made between 10:30a.m. and 12:30p.m.. One was in your post about the rooster, another in Getting to Know Eachother Part III and the last one was in Poetry in the Literature Forum.

Like I said; it does not bother me that they are gone to "Cyber Heaven" but it might be something you need to correct. I know they were all in place after I submitted them because I always stick around to read my posts to make sure they don't need editing.
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There were a few glitches yesterday. There was no more space on my account at the server - I have had to delete some files (not directly related to the forums) just to keep the forum going. Then I had to upgrade my account and double the space I have on the server. I think that with all the new features on the forums, it takes up a lot more space and bandwidth. I hope the upgrade will solve that.

Thanks for letting me know though and please do so in the future if you notice anything like this!

Sorry about the problems - I hope it's all behind us now
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