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Curious/Nervous for tomorrow!

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So I got permanently laid off, along with 17 other employess back in April. Our company was doing badly so they downsized. I am currently on unemployment and I have only had two interviews since my last day at my previous place of employment. It has been rough. I have applied to SO many places and not many bites have come my way. I have gotten the opportunity to do temp work but I refuse to do so because it isn't a stable guarentee and because I need health insurance asap... I need a direct hire job. Anyways tomorrow I am going to a place called The Hiring Center. I am not exactly sure what it is about (my mom recommended it, some of the staff came to her work and did a seminar). Apparently they help you gain skills, work towards a career, and even help with school. There is an orientation tomorrow and I think it is about 3 hours long. I am not sure what to expect. Hopefully they can help me get a direct hire job... I am slightly clueless and anxious...

This is what it is about... ( I just found this online)


Seems like it could be a good thing (located in a not so good neighborhood).

So what is everyone's take on this?

I'm going no matter what. Wish me luck I suppose.
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I would go for it! Can't hurt, might help! It sounds as if they really try to train people well and get them good jobs, and you fit right in with the catagory of being laid off!
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Oh yeah I called them to make sure I was eligable for the program and they told me I was and signed me up for orientation. That was about a month ago, so I have to go... Who knows when the next orientation will be. Uh I hate interviews and getting new jobs. It sends my anxiety soaring. However you are right it can't hurt to go and hopefully this will get me on the right track.
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