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Virus Warnings?

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When I clicked on the Square banner with the Cat in the Glass my AVG virus software gave me a warning that that site had some type of trojan horse on it.
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I will move this to the Feedback Forum where our technical people will be sure to see it and answer.
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A few people from reptile forum I'm on have recently commented about similar happening to them.

In any case, use a pop up and ad blocker to help filter out some things that could have trojans hiding in them. Do a very thorough scan and check your processes, as some trojans can be more difficult to get rid of.
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When you say some type of Trojan, can you be more specific? As usually AVG will give you the name of it. Avg does report such activity sometimes as a Trojan even if it is harmless, but better to be safe than sorry. It is down to you to find out the definition of it, and take the appropiate action. Which version of AVG are you running?
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I'm not getting any warnings on the site. It does cookie you, for affiliate tracking purposes, but there's nothing wrong or risky about that. Are you sure you're not getting a cookie warning? I have AVG here and it found no security issues with the site in question -

The ?hop=xasuwd bit btw is the affiliate tracking code - nothing sinister there.

If you could please provide details about the specific warning you're getting, I can try and check with the website in question. Thank you!
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I am running a Free AVG Virus Checker u can find here and try to see if u get the same message. If u already have a virus checker then do not install this one, cause two virus checkers on the same computer can cause problems


No this is not spam and no i do not own grisoft
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That's just what I have running here - all up to date too. I'm afraid I'm not getting any warnings from that site. Could you please let me know what exactly the warning is saying?
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