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Cat Crys, but does not want attention

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My cat has recently started some strange behavior, and I have no idea what is causing it.

He will stand by the door (not near any windows, so I can't see how he could be seeing something from outside, though he might smell it) look up at the ceiling, and cry. It doesn't sound like cat howling, but is more mournful. As if he's begging for attention and love.

The thing is, he doesn't want any part of it. If I pet him, he'll dash off to the side to avoid it, twitching his tail. If I pick him up, he'll just strain harder to see the ceiling and will eventually wiggle to get out of my hands. He is typically a -very- affectionate cat, practically assaulting me when I get home for attention, but at times he wants his peace. This is like that, except he is crying and crying at or for something. We are worried that whatever it is is stressing him out because he has begun inappropriate urination recently too (always in the laundry... Why, I have no idea...) I realize that there is a specific thread for that, but I think it might be related to his crying and would like to resolve both. Any ideas what this might be?
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No guesses, but my advice is call the vet and bring a chronological list of any different behaviors you've observed with you to the office visit.

And, get some good enzyme cleaners for the 'oopsies' area and maybe try Cat Attract litter. But, I think you have to rule out any possible medical causes as soon as possible. Good luck!
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Darlili has given you great advise.
But I am curious, is it a particular door or a specific area in the house where he cries?
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Sounds like you do need a trip to the vet because of the urination probs.

But, my cat meows for no known reason too. She doesn't want petting, or food, ans isnt seeing any other animals. Sometimes she just wants to be played with after all, and maybe I missed all her other clues so she just starts meowing like crazy til we figure it out.

The one other thing you might consider is sometimes they meow alot when you haven't been home much. If you're gone a little more than usual each day, they get upset and miss you. Mine lets me know when I've been out too much.
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