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Human Pregnancy and Cat owner ship???

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My hubby and I have been tryyyinggg to start a family since june. We decided to stop trying (it's just to depressing!) but there is always that chance

So I was wondering... I wasn't worried with moe and neo because I have had them for almost three years. they never go out, and i try to scoop there litter daily.

But since we have snowwhite now, should I not do her litter? I plan to just dump the whole pan daily and wear gloves when doing it and of course scrub up afterwards. This poor girl has no shots, a bite mark or cut mark on her back (almost healed with some hair growing back) and i'm pretty sure she hunted outside...well actually i know she did she left me a present once

So do you think it would be okay for me to do that? hubby is good with kitties but he really really doesn't like doing the kitty litter.
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Toxoplasmosis is only a problem if you are pregnant, not if you are trying to get pregnant. Up until that time, you are safe scooping litter.
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If your cats are healthy, its not a problem. When and if you get pregnant, wear gloves when scooping and dumping and wash well, with antibacterial soap. I do that and there's no way, that I'm pregnant!
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I would take her into the vet to get her shots and just have her checked out thoroughly and when you do get pregnant, what I did was went to my Dr. and had them give me the test for the Toxoplasmosis...they take your blood and send it to the lab, and then if it comes back that you have already been exposed to it, you will be immune to it and won't have to worry about it. (this is what my Dr. told me anyway, but if I'm wrong, please someone correct me) I however had not been exposed to it and was not immune to it so I had to be very careful. My hubby refused to clean the litterpan as well, so I had to do it, but I wore gloves and washed up with antibacterial soap afterwards. Same thing with digging in the garden or planting flowers, you need to wear gloves and then wash up well because ferals could have used the soil. It is something they get because they have eaten mice or birds that carry it. That's why usaully indoor cats only aren't a problem.

Good luck getting pregnant!!! Keep us posted!!!
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