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Handraising a tiny kitten

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A couple of days ago, I acquired a tiny little kitten, maybe about four days old. My friend had found him and kept him that night, feeding him human infant formula, as nothing else was available in the middle of the night. That night, the kitty had a bowel movement. Once I got him, I bought KMR and I have been successfully feeding him that for the past two days. He eats about 5cc every 3-4 hours. Normally, I attempt to stimulate elimination after each feeding, but so far, he only urinates each time. Then I put him back in his box (box is on top of heating pad, also has a towel, ticking clock and a stuffed bunny) and he settles in and after a few minutes he goes to sleep. Today, however, he has not settled in yet and remains active and crying. I'm wondering if he is uncomfortable not having a bowel movement in two days. Is there anything else I can try to get him to go? Does anyone have any other suggestions for me?
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Do you have a double sink? If you do, the best way to help this kitten is start a slow trickle of warm water on the garbage disposal side. On the other side, pile up some warm towels (cycle them in your dryer) take some cotton roll and place the kittys rear end into the stream of warm water and start stimulating belly, and rear is a circular motion. The combination of the warm water and the massage should allow for the kitten to let loose. It could be that first feeding bound him up a bit, and you may have to add just a little bit more water to his 2 hour feedings until he gets past that. I would also recommend a Snugglekitty for him- they are great! Just remember to keep this kitten warm 90 degrees at least, and thanks for caring!

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you are a Keep us up to date
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I tried the warm tummy massages over and over, but still nothing. He's VERY wiggly so he makes it difficult for me. Today, I will call a vet for further advice. I will post again soon. Say a little prayer for my new tiny friend!
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Good luck Hope! And God Bless YOU for taking such great care of your new baby, and God Bless your friend for giving that baby a chance! Keep us posted
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what an angel you are taking in this tiny little baby...keep us posted on te little darling....
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He said to try a few drops of mineral oil by mouth, then rub the area with vaseline. I've administered the drops (which wasn't easy, let me tell you!) and I will massage him in a couple of hours. If he doesn't make a doody for me today, he's going to have to see the doctor. I'll get one out of him somehow! He's otherwise just perfect; very active and climbing all over his box. His cries are loud. He pees like a pro. And he has just the cutest face ever! I put the shirt I was wearing yesterday in the box and he snuggles up inside it. I sure hope he "messes" it up for me. I'll be back!
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Well, the mineral oil didn't work, even though I gave him two doses. This morning I took him to the vet and he gave my sweet baby a tiny little enema! His tushie is sore now, but they said a lot came out. So that's good. And the best part is that the Doctor didn't even charge for the visit. Thank you, Dr. Ahmed of Hesperia, CA. You are an angel! I just have to take him in again in a week for a check-up. I'll continue posting his progress. Thanks for all the well-wishes.
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How wonderful of you to take that little baby in . . . good luck . . . I hope everything works out for you!!
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I know others here have already said this, but you really are an for taking care of such a tiny kitten!!!

I'm really looking forward to more posts about his progress.
Good luck!
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Let us know how it goes, kittens so tiny are sometimes difficult to raise, but you sound like you are the perfect surrogate for this poor baby.
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Bless you for taking care of this little one.

My recently adopted kitten was separated from his mother at birth and he was being bottle fed in a foster home and then when he was old enough, he was brought to the animal shelter where he adopted me. If it wasn't for people like you, I would never have that beautiful little baby that I have now.

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Everything is just great now! Thursday, he pooped for me once (kind of a lot). Yesterday, he went twice and once so far today. I guess he's on the right track now. So, he's a least a week old now; he ought to be opening his eyes real soon now. I can't wait for that.

But I do have two more questions: when do I start litter box training? From what I understand, by about 10 days old, kittens can control their elimination. Also, at what point do kittens start staying awake more? After they open their eyes? I'd love any further information anyone has about what to do from now on.

Thanks again for all the support. I have a couple of pics at my photo albums. Just click on Pictures. http://groups.msn.com/HopeEgglestons...pgmarket=en-us
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That is good news. And I looked at his pictures.... awwww! He's so tiny! And CUTE!
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He's soooo tiny and precious!!! Hope, you're doing a fantastic job with this poor orphaned kitten, and I hope he continues to do well!
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Little Mr. Kitty Cat has half-opened eyes now. Hopefully by tomorrow they'll be all the way opened. He'll be so surprised to see me! He's really doing well now: eating, pooping, peeing, sleeping, crying. Just like my kids were!!!

I put a couple more pictures in my photo album.

Any tips for litter box training are welcome. We have an adult female cat (who is not very fond of our newcomer), so do we make them use the same box?

Be back soon!
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