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I am posting this as EXPERIENCE only... I have yet to fully research it ... My Zoey has it and it was traced back thru allergy tests and elimination to a treat and the NEW food I gave her .... She was seen by her accupucturist for a exam a few weeks ago at which I was told she had Gingivitis ... so off to the reg vet for a more detailed look ... Sure enough both docs agreed and both said NO PLAQUE or Tarter was found on the teeth nor was it the immune disorder that attacks the enamel and dentin ( THANKFULLY) ... Two week check today , just minus the treat ( which was a dental one)... Vast improvement but not quite fixed so we allergy tested ALL the foods I have at home and her stash of treats ... Verdict her new food also is an issue ... so one month to see if all can be fixed ...

FOr those with a Gingivitis issue in a young otherwise healthy cat you may want to think if it could be a allergen