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Limping - to vet now or ok to wait till tomorrow?

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Just looking for opinions here as I'm not sure what to do. My kitty went in for his vaccines yesterday and became quite upset while there. I was holding on to him as he was struggling. Last night I noticed that he was limping on his front leg (not the leg the shots were given in - those were in the left back leg). It also looks kind of like it's almost directly in front of the right one when he takes a step. He has jumped up on the bed and couch a few times but he's mainly just staying in one spot. That's why I didn't notice the limp until sort of late last night.

The only reason I'm even debating is because he gets so upset when he goes to the vet. I am worried that if it's simply sore or a sprain that it would do him more harm than good if I take him and he gets all upset again and possibly even hurt him more by having to be restrained.

I honestly worry that the vets don't want to try to deal with him. I have been worrying for hours now and don't know what to do. I have an appointment for tomorrow, but I can take him now and wait if I decide to do that.

I don't want to make the wrong choice and cause him any more stress and pain. So my question is - if it was your kitty would you be comfortable with waiting till tomorrow? Or would you go today and hope they can get him in?
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No I would go right away. If he is in pain he needs to see a vet. For peace of mind too. He could have a fracture or something. I am of the err in the side of caution school of thought.
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Thanks for replying. I like to err on the side of caution too - it's difficult with him because he gets so upset though. I hate thinking I took him in and put him through the stress and it have been unnecessary.

Ugh - he used to do so good - he would be scared but would let them do anything. I think he had a bad experience and now he gets terrified. He's always been shy, and not really been around other animals or many people. He's a big love bug at home - and turns into a terror there now. I really wish I could find a way to help him be much calmer when he has to go.

I ended up deciding to go tomorrow mainly to avoid having to wait. He usually ends up getting more upset when that happens. I'm hoping too that it will be much better by then and he won't have to go.
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I think waiting until tomorrow is a good idea. You can always call your vet and see if they think they need to see him tonight, or if they think he can wait until tomorrow for peace of mind for you. Chances are they will tell you to keep him calm (i.e. put him in a quiet room for the night) and see how he does. Unless of course there is anything that makes them believe it is a vaccine reaction, in which case they will wish to see him tonight.
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It could be just a sprain from struggling at the vet. I don't think you held him so tight to break his bones! Have you tried massaging him or placing a warm compact on the leg?
I would wait until tomorrow too.
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