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lost my kitty at weekend :( so sad

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hya im new on here and just wondered if anyone could shed any light on why my poor cat died in such an awful way?i had been on my holls with my family calling am and pm to check my two boys were fed watered and miday approx 1pm my 10yr old healthy cat called baby was fine stuffing his face and rubbing around my friends legs like a mad happy cat.9pm my sister found him back legs splayed,front paws really curled under his chin and he was covered in diareah and vomit all around my house.he was taken straight to my vet "who is the best vet ever"his heart beat was low,his feet cold,front paws curled and basically flat,he was sick again and constant diarhrea pouring from him.he was given pain killers,antibiotics and fluids.checked for breaks no split claws or cracking joints.he died at vet said he can usually diagnose something but this left him baffled.i am so gutted he was my 12yrs old daughters and a real baby.he had been ravenous for weeks before but was always a very greedy boy.did the drug addicts opposite have something to do with this.a hyperdermic needle was found half full in my garden.its making me so sad other cat came back after a while he was very nervous and twitchy.any ideas??and why his front paws so curled.i know this happens in humans after brain traumas?
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Was he outside?
He could have been poisoned.
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When cats are allowed outside and come in sick, it's really a guessing game as to why they are sick. It's very possible the drug addicts did something - they could have injected him - who knows. The only way to find out would be to have the vet do an autopsy on the kitty. If your other kitty is very nervous, I'd make an effort to train it to be an indoor only kitty because it seems obvious to me that something is happening outside that you need to protect your cat(s) from.

I'm so sorry you lost your beloved pet, and my heart goes out to you because I know how that loss feels.
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Yes. I know the prevailing wisdom in the UK is to allow pets outdoors and I am by no means judging that. But there are dangers out there. Some people are mean to cats and hurt them, poison is left out, he could have been hit by a car...loads of variables. You may never know.
I am sorry for your loss. It sounds very sad. I hope your daughter is handling it alright.
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I know that it's hard when you don't know the cause, but I think drug addicts wasting their drugs by injecting them into a cat for no reason is a highly unlikely prospect. So don't worry yourself over that.

The cat's appetite was altered for a long time beforehand, you said, which might indicate some longer-term illness. It could have been a stroke, or a seizure, or cancer, or a number of other conditions.
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aww thanks so much for all your messages.yes my cats are outside and inside cats.we have cat doors front and back so they can leave and enter when they wish.they are farm bred so no way would they stay in i have my walls carpets curtains destroyed on bonfire night when they are locked in.we have fields front an back and lots and lots of cats.unfortunately idiots around here leave them to breed,
but my cats were big healthy castrated was always a very greedy cat hence his big fat belly but i had noticed he was pigging even more and i think visiting neighbours begging so maybe something more going on just strange it was so quick.i think maybe your right addicts would not share.its just the way his front feet were curled was really strange.its awful as we lost our mastiff to cancer 3 weeks before this.hence the break away for me and my girl.i dont think its hit us yet it was so quick.the vet was fantastic and hardly charged us for all his hard work late at night.babys now buried along side my old 2 cats now.with loopins planted on top so no autopsy.gooki is fine now and eating fresh chicken as i write.i dont know they are like children you go through so much with them and just awful when theres nothing you can do to help them.
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I'm sorry for your loss the poor little one RIP
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I'm sorry for your loss. I know it's probably bugging you that you don't know what happened. Just remember your baby is at peace now. If you really want to know what happened an autopsy could be done. Sometimes it's better not knowing though. He's in a better place now and that's all that matters.
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Originally Posted by luvmycat1 View Post
If you really want to know what happened an autopsy could be done.
That's what I was also going to suggest. I am very sorry for your loss.
The suddenness of his death suggests poison. Poor Baby!
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yes were thinkin poison too but thinking back im not so was so soft but so greedy.when he was sick he had brought up something like potatoe and rice along with his biscuits and meat.its weird as my black gooki cat had sickness bringing up the same type of contents after christmas and was really bad we thought we were going to lose him as did the vets at a main animal hospital we had all blood tests which showed nothing but slightly raised white blood cells.liver,kidneys all fine.slight heart murmer.the vet gave him anti biotics and something to line his stomach as he was bringing up clear watery blood and it cleared up within a week.twice he was treated the second time it cleared up really quick.i know the old man over the road feeds cats and he admitted he shouldnt and wont now but maybe there was something bad going round.we had two of our rescues that were mostly feral die also last august within a week of each other.gooki cat is really well now i wish i hadnt gone to france i really really do.
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With the cats going outside and no supervision it's hard to say (without an autopsy) what killed your poor kitty. It could be poison of some kind, it could be drugs, etc. Sounds like a case of poison (accidental or on purpose) or even a heart attack.

My rex was 15 1/2 yrs old when he died. He had a massive heart attack but threw up just before, as DH found some threw up very near him.
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that is such a sad story. i'm so sorry that your poor kitty died so tragically.
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I'm so sorry to hear about your kitty, please dont beat yourself up about going away, you werent to know what was going to happen
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I'm so sorry for your loss.
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Yes, don't beat yourself up.
You had no idea that this would happen. He is at rest now.
Did the vet have any suggestions as to what may have been the cause?
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