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My **cute** foster kitties are all grown up now!

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Saddly, it also means they should be leaving withing the next two weeks. So I take tons of pictures to have as many souvenirs of them as possible. My little babies...

This is Gus-gus

This is Lily

and this is Cloe

I'll miss you my babies. So much.
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Awwwww!!!!!! They're beautiful and you helped turn them into adoptable felines!!!
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oh my goodness!!! They are so stinking cute!!
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Originally Posted by Mawilouwl View Post
This is Lily

she'd fit right in w/Susan's [Rosiemac] bunch - smudged nose & all!
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They are so cute!!
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Aww they are all gorgeous.
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Thank you! Aren't they just special?
Lily (the calico) is the independent one. She is so silent that event when she meow there is no sound (you only see her mouth opening). She is the one that behaves the most. I never thought that kittens that young could understand what they are allowed to do and what not. She is also the smartest: she understood how to lick her milk out of the bowl more than a week before her sister and brother (still had to bottlefeed them). Same thing for the litterbox! I would have never guessed that when I brought them home (they were less than 2 weeks old), because she was so much lighter and fragile than the others. I was scared for her life during weeks, because she grew slowly and had more trouble learning to walk than the others (her legs were too week to support her body and she was shaking like a leaf when trying to get up, wich is normal for a baby kitten, but her brother and sister were so stable and strong compared to her). Also, she loves to play (of course, she's a kitten!), but enjoy almost as much watching the other cats play. When she was a baby, at the stage where their eyes just don't seem to look straight, she would sit a watch without moving for so long (it was better for her than trying to get into the action, since she had trouble walking and all), we thought she might be mentally retarded. Turns out, she was thinking and figuring eveything out!

I'll write later about Gus-Gus and Cloe too, if any of you are interested. You know how it is, we can talk about our babies forever!
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I would love to hear more about your beautiful foster babies Chloe reminds me of my Bella...
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