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Rubbing bum on the ground

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Helmytt is a little over two years old. He is a very quiet shy cat, only does 1 thing to get himself in trouble. After he goes to the restroom (#2) he has to rub his bum across the floor. He has done this since forever. I usually don't catch him until he is almost done if at all. If I catch him in the litter box I will catch him when he is done and make sure his bottom is clean. He will usually rub it anyways, clean or not. He has been tested and treated (as a precaution though he didn't have them) for worms when this first started. All shots are updated in all my cats and they are all fixed. What should I do? He definately does not have worms. He does clean himself after he rubs his bum.
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Blocked anal glands can cause that problem. A vet visit would be necessary but it is easy to fix.
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My kitten did that once too - he took a #2 and started dragging his butt on the carpet and i FLIPPED OUT... then I saw he had a piece stuck on his butt. I hope that never happens again because he didn't look like he was enjoying himself one bit
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One of mine does it too and it seems to be when they still have a bit left on their bum.
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Thanks for the replies! He does it even after I clean his bum for him (so I know there isn't anything left over on him). He is a weird cat though, prolly just one of his quirks. I will talk to my vet to see if they can check his glands.
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