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Kittens at Shelter...

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IDK what I can do about this so this post is basically just to tell you guys...

There was this Pregnant Siamese mix looking cat at the Shelter, when she came in almost 2wks ago she was sick! and I mean really sick.. like her face was covered in snotty green stuff and she was really skinny. A couple days after she came in she started getting and looking better but my Boss still thought she had Leukemia or somethin so the next Wed. I went with my Boss to have her Tested and she came out Negative.... by then you could clearly se she was Preggo.
So now the past wk and a half (or more.. my time frames messed up) we'v been waiting for her to have her babies.. and it felt like it was taking forever and it was even starting to worry my Boss. Finally, Yesterday my Boss came into the Shelter early and there were 4 Kittens... 2 dead I had to dispose of the 2 Kittens, 1 was either a Solid Dark Grey color or a Solid Smokey Black color and the other one was like a Black and White Spotted.
Now the 2 that are alive are tiny! REALLY REALLY TINY! they have to be only like 4-5 inches... now I know Kittens can be tiny.. but this is abnormally tiny, my Boss raises cats and even these kittens are tiny to her! One kitten is like a White with Patches of Tabby and the other looks like a Solid Grey Tabby.
Momma Cat (cant remember her name) has been trying to feed the kittens and I did spot them actually eating a couple times but this cat is the type of cat that once she sees you she has to be right there with you.... making it hard for her to feed the kittens even though shes in a cage. Also.. to add to the trouble, shes not producing enough milk for the kittens.. I offered to maybe foster her till the Kittens grew a lil more (I thought maybe the dogs were stressing her) but my Boss doubts the 2 lasting kittens are gonna live at all. Umm and I think my Boss said something about Momma Cat might still be in Labor.
So yea... Im gonna bring my Camera to Work with me Wed. in hopes that the Kittens are still there. I did get pics of them with my Phone.. but I dont have any min to email the pics to myself.
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Sending prayers and vibes out to Momma Kitty and her babies. I do so hope that you can take them home and foster them
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